New research had been done, and it was found that people who drink coffee regularly have less risk of being affected by chronic liver disease. It is indeed a very doubtful factor that many people will not believe in face value, but there has been research, and then the researchers have come to this conclusion.

Oliver Kennedy, who is at the University of Southampton situated in the UK, along with his colleagues, analyzed data from 384,818 coffee drinkers and 109,767 people who did not drink any coffee.

Drinking Coffee Might Save You From Chronic Liver Disease

“Overall, coffee seems to be beneficial for most health outcomes. This is not just for chronic liver disease but also for other diseases, such as chronic kidney disease and some cancers,” says Kennedy, “Nobody knows exactly which compounds are responsible for the potential protective effect against chronic liver disease. However, our findings that all types of coffee are protective indicates that a combination of compounds may be at work.”

The individuals were monitored for a period of around 10 years and checked that which group had more cases of chronic liver disease. The people who drank around 2 cups of coffee every day were found to be at around 20% lower risk of getting chronic liver disease. They were also 49% less likely to die from this chronic liver disease.

So if you are a coffee drinker, then you should keep up the habit. The researchers did not distinguish between caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee, but one stated that caffeinated coffee worked better. However, both are good and can possibly save you from chronic liver disease. Who knew that coffee could be so useful to our body!