‘Dr. Stone Season 2’ Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

The launch date of the English dub of Dr. Stone has been announced by Adult Swim’s Toonami programme. Season 2 of Stone Wars
Senku is seen here with a basket.

Adult Swim’s Toonami block recently revealed the release date and hour for the English dub of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars Season 2. In a post on its official Facebook page, Toonami announced that “The Stone Wars are about to commence!” on May 15 at 1:00 a.m. ET.


Between My Hero Academia and Food Wars, there will be new episodes to watch! Toonami previously aired Dr. Stone Season 1 English Dub on August 25, 2019, when the series was still showing in Japan. Toonami’s English dub of the second season will broadcast less than two months after the Japanese season ends.

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The Dr. Stone Show: A Quick Synopsis

TMS Entertainment’s upcoming 2019 anime series Dr. Stone is based on the Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi manga of the same name, which first appeared in Shueisha’s Weekly Shnen Jump magazine.

Three thousand seven hundred years after a mysterious light turns everyone on the globe into stone. Brilliant youngster Senku Ishigami awakens from his petrification into a “Stone World” and tries to rebuild human civilisation from the ground up.

The Second Season of Dr. Stone

From January 14 to March 25, 2021, Dr. Stone second season, dubbed Dr. Stone: Stone Wars, aired. The manga’s “Stone Wars” arc was the subject of this episode. Tsukusa’s Kingdom of Strength goes to battle with Senku and the Ishigami peasants of the Kingdom of Science in Stone Wars.

Outside of Asia, Crunchyroll is airing the season, and Funimation is currently working on a dub. A total of eleven episodes were aired throughout the series. After the second season’s final episode aired, a sequel to the TV show was revealed.

Toonami, the Adult Swim programming block, began airing the Stone Wars English dub on May 16th, 2021. Fujifabric’s “Paradise” (, “Rakuen”) is the opening theme, while Hatena’s “Voice?” (?, “Koe?”) is the ending theme.

Dr. Stone Season 2: Release Date

Dr. Stone’s first season premiered on July 5th, 2019 and concluded on December 13th, 2019, with 24 episodes. News that season 2 was officially announced the night before season 1’s final episode is good news for fans.

Prior to reviving the new season, Netflix and other companies must decide whether or not to give greenlight to prepare 2. ‘Dr. Stone’ is heavily influenced by a manga series with the same name.

On the same day as the premiere of the anime, the most recent volume of this manga was released. Now we have one more season of the show to go.

Dr. Stone Season 2: Plotline of the Series

The second season of the sitcom Dr. Stone has a fantastic plotline. After years of hiding his feelings for Yuzuhira Ogawa, Taiju Oki informs his geeky science-loving friend Senku Ishigami that he is finally ready to express his feelings for her.

He’s under a camphor tree, trying to let his feelings out when suddenly he’s blinded by a ray of sunlight that falls from the sky.

To protect the young lady, he pushes her to the side and is illuminated by the rays. Light transforms him and everyone else into stone, and only those with a strong desire to persevere may survive the next 3700 years.

Where can I Watch Dr. Stone Season 2?

The English subtitled version of Dr. Stone is only available on Crunchyroll. On the same network, the new season of Dr. Stone will be shown. At 12:00 am on Saturday nights, Dr. Stone premiered its inaugural season (Eastern Standard Time).

As of right now, you may watch the first episode of Dr. Stone Season 2 on the Crunchyroll website. In addition, a sneak peek of the premiere episode has been released. Here’s the message that was sent out via Twitter:

Dr Stone Animation

Well, The animation is avoided during action sequences, backdrops consist of motionless nature and it has very little variety. In general, characters are the only elements that ever move. Non-moving, as though it’s all made of rock.

Most of the time, there are no close-up pictures of waves or fire. But talking about the times the company doesn’t compromise on animation, it goes absurd. Dr Stone S2 is intended to feature improved animation.

As a result of Season 1 being a success, the producers may be able to address a lot more of the things they lacked in Season 2.

Dr. Stone Season 2 – Stone Wars | New Teaser

Dr. Stone was a standout among the year’s greatest anime. In addition, IMDb users give Its Season an 8.49 out of 10 rating. It’s become a hit with anime enthusiasts around the world.

The first season of this anime has come to a conclusion, and fans are eagerly anticipating the second. Unanswered questions like – What causes Petrification? remain unanswered after the first season ended.

It’s possible to find out more here. In the Dr. Stone anime, what was the cause of petrification? On December 22nd. Dr. Stone’s second season teaser has been revised by TOHO animation. The new teaser was unveiled during Jump Fest.

The last scene of Senk, Chrome, and Gen joining fists can also be seen in this version of the video. For them, this was a promise they would keep till the end.

Dr. Stone Reviews

That there was at least one science-based shonen anime made me happy before I started watching the series. Dr. Stone puts on a show of arrogance and pomp, and he fails miserably time and again.

There is no sense of realism in the characters, and the story concludes in the same way as any other shonen anime. No one can say with certainty that Dr. Stone is a bad anime; rather, the lack of innovation in the story should have been anticipated.

It lacks a distinguishing feature. Except for the obvious storyline faults, the rest of the film is solid, if not extraordinary. TMS Entertainment did a wonderful job with the animation, which is largely crisp.

Good Morning World’ by Miura Jam is catchy, but Rude-‘s ‘Life,’ which closes the show, steals the show. I give Dr. Stone 3.5 stars out of 5 stars despite the lacklustre plot at times because the animation and soundtrack more than make up for it.

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Dr. Stone, which is based on the manga of the same name, is only available on Netflix for one season. In the first season, the average age was 7 years old.

The current season consists of eleven episodes. Since this season was so successful, we expect a third season to arrive in the near future. We are eagerly awaiting your thoughts on the series. Take your time and enjoy the book you’ve chosen.