Dr. Gottlieb Can See Pandemic Phase Ending

Dr. Scott Gottlieb had said on Wednesday he is thinking and he expects that the coronavirus’ “pandemic phase” is most probably going to be over in the United States once vaccines have been made available to everyone, and that includes the children along with Merck’s antiviral pill getting the approval and is cleared by regulators.

This seems like a rather optimistic turn of events after the last two years of the ongoing pandemic. So if this does come true, then we need to eradicate coronavirus from each nook of the world, or it will keep coming back.

Dr. Gottlieb Can See Pandemic Phase Ending

The other one of the most important and crucial developments that we see is for the highly transmissible Covid delta variant to have “moved through the country,” as is put by Dr. Gottlieb himself.

So it is, in fact, and simple words saying that the virus had moved through and run its course through the country just like what happened with the alphavirus or rather the alpha variant of the coronavirus to put it more properly into context.

Dr. Gottlieb says that if all things go as considered, then they might have the vaccine for the children by the end of the year, and if we see the antiviral pills getting approval from the FDA and the CDC, then that might also be a big game-changer in all of this. If that is a big if things go on successfully, then the pandemic phase will be over in the United States.

“I personally think that those of the two things that I have mentioned are going to be the bookend on the pandemic phase. This is going to be the extent of this virus, and we are going to be entering the more endemic phase,” Gottlieb said.

So downgrading it a bit may help us a lot, and we are hoping that the words of Dr. Gottlieb come true. We will surely keep on bringing you news from the world of health. Make sure to stay safe and sound for now.