Free Online Tool to Download Videos From Any Site

You might be familiar with this situation; you are viewing a video on YouTube or another platform and are thoroughly enjoying it. If you want to watch that video clip again later or want to keep it on your list for future pleasure, then you should know that there is no guarantee as to how much the content is going to stay on the platform. This depends on the publisher.

Furthermore, there are billions and even more videos on the internet, and you cannot possibly keep hanging to one for a very long time. In these circumstances, you are definitely in dire need of an online tool that can help you download videos from any website on the internet.

Free Online Tools to Download Videos From Any Site

In this short post, we are going to introduce some of the best online tools that can help you download videos from any website on the internet. If you are interested in saving content from different platforms, then start reading the content and use the tool that seems most suitable to you.

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6 Best Free Online Tools to Download Videos From Any Site

Here are the top video downloader tools that you can quickly get the handoff!

1. Video Downloader by SmallSeoTools

SmallSeoTools has been providing solutions to a variety of problems faced by users on the internet. Video downloader tool by Small Seo Tools is the best example service provided by this utility site. This online video downloader is not only free and easy to use the tool, but you would be surprised to know that it can help you to download any video online from any website.

Video Downloader by SmallSeoTools to Download Videos From Any Site

You can download multiple videos from YouTube with this download tool. You can save content up to 4k quality without any trouble with this internet video downloader. This video downloader tool can also assist you in converting video files to different formats.


The simple video downloader program that can help you in saving the content of the grid-based in link insertion technique. You have to copy the link address of the video and paste it into the CatchVideo tool.

You must know that this is a user-friendly program, and you don’t need any skills to save content using this program. This program is best for windows as well as android devices. You can save content in different formats and qualities that you desire with it. The highest resolution download that this tool supports is 720p!


Converto downloader tool that can help you save and convert short clips from different websites using the link insertion method. This website video downloader tool has gathered a lot of fame and pride just because it provides the ease to use.

Converto Free online YouTube to MP3 and YouTube to MP4 downloader and converter

One can not only use this program to save a single clip, but you can also save and convert complete playlists with this website. Some of the crucial conversions offered by this tool are mp3 and mp4! One con of is that it has too many ads on its interface!

4. AmoyShare Free YouTube Downloader

AmoyShare is another video downloader tool that belongs to! as the name of the tool tells you it has significant expertise in saving content from YouTube. There is no doubt that YouTube is the most comprehensive platform containing videos on the internet, and this online program can help you save any video off YouTube.

You can save more than one video in one go with this program, and this is an excellent pro. The only con/disadvantage of this tool is that it can only download content in mp4 or mp3 (low quality) videos!

5. SaveFrom.Net

SaveFrom.Net is a great video downloader tool that can be used directly from your browser. You don’t need to install or download it on your device for further grabbing of content. To get the downloading started, you have to insert the link of the video that you want to save in the toolbar of the program. You can download videos in any format and quality you like with this helper program. The tool has a good reputation, mainly if you use it with Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

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6. 4K Video Grabber

If you need an online website that can help you download the videos in the highest quality, then this is the perfect free saver for you. The working method of 4K Video Grabber is based on the same link insertion method.

You can add the address or URL of the video and select the quality in which you want it to be saved in. you can save 4k, 8k, 3D videos with this program without any restrictions. This is also the simplest to operate the program. You can also get a browser plugin if you hook up with the premium plans of this website.