Domestic Shorthair Cat – About, History, Facts and More

Domestic Shorthair Cats are well-known throughout the Americas. According to statistics, there are approximately 80 million such cats in American households.

These cats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Domestic Shorthair Cats can be an alternative to fit your pet’s enthusiasm. They are pleasant and easy to care for, making them a fantastic choice for a family pet.


What is The Definition of a Domestic Shorthair?

People frequently confuse a Domestic Shorthair Cat with an American Shorthair Cat since the two breeds share similar physical traits. Unlike American shorthair cats, the domestic shorthair cat does not have its unique hereditary blend.


The “moggie,” as it is affectionately known, is not an actual breed, but rather one with Hybrid origin. We frequently notice that many of these cats belong to the same cat family; this is not an identification mark, but rather a coincidence.

History of the Domestic Shorthair

In and around 2000 B.C., Egyptians were the ones who taught and tamed the first cats. The cats’ prey consisted of rodents, which is why they were purchased in America. The Americans needed to keep rats off their ship, and the best solution they could come up with was to deploy tamed cats.

Because these cats performed admirably in their jobs, they were later regarded as pets as Barnyard cats by many Americans. These cats evolved into the American Shorthair Cats that we know today.

Domestic Shorthair Cats were once known as house cats in the United States because they were thought to be good pets. Even though these phrases had a negative connotation, few people called them alley cats. These are a few names chosen for their individuality and personality.

Physical Characteristics of Domestic Shorthairs

Do you know what a Domestic Shorthair Cat is? Do you have one of these? If you answered yes, you will agree that these cats come in a variety of patterns and hues. They come in a variety of colours, including solid, bicolor, multicolor, tabby, and so on.

Brown, tan, and white are among the colours, as are black, red, and orange. They have lovely eyes that are dyed in a variety of hues such as blue, green, brown, hazel, or a combination of two colours.

Female Domestic Shorthair Cats are smaller than male Domestic Shorthair Cats, weighing 6 to 16 pounds and living for about 12 to 14 years.

These cats must be vaccinated and well-cared for in order to extend their lives; therefore, the owner should get cat insurance to cover these costs. Male and female cats have a few things in common:-

  • Body types that are muscular.
  • Heads and paws with a rounded shape.
  • Tails of a medium length.

Personalities of Domestic Shorthairs

The personality of Domestic Shorthair Cats are distinct. These cats appear to be more reserved, but they are full of personality, independence, adventure, and intelligence.

They are a mash-up of various personality qualities. Their actions are influenced by their mood. To see how much fun and enthusiasm they have with a toy, simply throw one at them; on the other hand, you may discover them sleeping alone in a corner of your house doing nothing.

Domestic Shorthair Cats: How to Care for Them

The biggest disadvantage that Persian cats have is their expensive care and grooming costs, but Domestic Shorthair Cats are self-groomers because they don’t have much fur on their bodies.

You only have to bother about combing their hair every few days. As a result, one could agree that “these cats are easier to manage.”

If you are considering purchasing a Domestic Shorthair Cat, bear in mind that keeping them indoors will protect them from accidents, contacts with other animals, parasites, and contagious diseases such as feline leukaemia.

Because these cats are hunters that can harm wildlife and natural ecosystems, it’s better to keep them indoors. Visiting the veterinarian within the first week of bringing your kitten home is essential, especially if your cat is female.

This will guarantee that the cat is checked for any illnesses it may have and that appropriate medical treatment, such as the feeding chart, exercise, and immunizations, is provided.

Health Issues with Domestic Shorthair Cats

These cats, like humans, are foodies, and as a result, they get obese and suffer from other health problems. Joint pain, back difficulties, liver and renal problems, heart disease, and illnesses like diabetes are all common in these cats. In my opinion, the best method to prevent overeating in these cats is to measure the amount of food before giving it to them.

Allow it no access to the outside to hunt or graze. Keep a record of all the sugars and calories you give your cat. This will keep your cat healthy, and it reminds me of the proverb “health is wealth,” therefore look after your cat well.

The Domestic Shorthair: 5 Things You Didn’t Know

1. Lookout 

Do you recall the journey and the cause for the importation of domestic shorthair cats to America? As previously said, these cats are excellent hunters who were sent to America to control the ship’s rodent infestation.

According to studies, these cats hunt for over 6-8 hours every day. These cats are hard workers by nature, and they want to spend as much time as possible hunting and exploring the outdoors.

2. They Share Similar Qualities

These cats come in a wide range of patterns and colours, including solid colours, bicolors, tricolours, tabbies, and more. Brown, tan, and white are among the colours, as are black, red, and orange.

They have lovely eyes that are dyed in a variety of hues such as blue, green, brown, hazel, or a combination of two colours. They’re notorious for overeating, so the owner must keep them on a strict diet. These cats are recognised to be wonderful pets in general.

3. They’re Kitty Cats Who Are Easy To Handle

These cats are low-maintenance since their owners do not have to spend a lot of money on grooming and medicine. A basic set of immunizations must be administered.

They are a family cat since they get along well with both youngsters and elderly. If you want to possess one of these cats, consider adopting one from a local shelter.

4. They’re A+ Students, to Boot

Domestic Shorthair cats are usually at the top of the list when it comes to the smartest cats in America. This is due to the fact that these cats are simple to train, quickly pick up new habits, and respond to their names.

They have a strong memory and are quick learners. This is due to their genetic breeding and natural makeup, which has resulted in such an incredible output without any human intervention.

5. They Have the Ability to Adopt You

You wake up one day to the sound of someone mewing at your door. Have you ever opened a package and discovered a cat inside? This could be a Domestic Shorthair Cat, as these cats make wonderful companions and are more likely to adopt families than be adopted by them.

They’re also entertaining and daring. They are well-known for their steadfastness. Domestic Shorthair Cats are the greatest option if you’re seeking for a pet to adopt.


Domestic Shorthair cats are low-maintenance and make excellent pets due to their devoted and adventurous personality. To keep a Domestic Shorthair Cat indoors, you only need a few immunizations.

Your safety will be ensured as a result of this. We made every attempt to give our readers a comprehensive picture of these kitties. I hope you found it entertaining.