Doctors are Frustrated Over COVID-19 Denial, Misinformation

There had been a case in the Michigan hospital that had left doctors frustrated and that had caused a lot of trouble there too. This is something that probably every doctor can relate to in the pandemic situation.

In Michigan hospital there had been a man who had been diagnosed by Covid 19, he was supposed to stay in the hospital away from other people so that he does not spread the infection further, but he refused to accept the fact that he was actually sick and had caught the virus.

Doctors are Frustrated Over COVID-19 Denial, Misinformation

The doctors repeatedly told him with his oxygen level going low and all the other symptoms along with the positive test meant that he was infected with the virus and that he needed to stay in quarantine but the man refused to accept this and said that if his wife is not allowed to be by his bedside then he would walk out of the hospital.

This is a very serious situation as if the man walked out of the hospital then who knows how many more people he is going to be infecting. But there is no way for the doctors either to stop a man forcefully in a country that is free.

There would be legal problems if it is done. So the doctors said that he is free to leave if he wants but that he would be dead before he could reach the car. Such experiences are becoming more and more common among the medical officials who are working hard and their best in the pandemic situation.

This is actually becoming really frustrating and the doctors and medical staff all over the country and not particularly happy with it. However that is all just one case we mentioned, there are so many more that we can not even keep up.

How can people be so irresponsible and stubborn as to not accept the glaring fact in their faces is beyond our understanding? We understand the frustration that the doctors have to face. It is really frustrating and I think they have the right to be frustrated when people act like idiots, putting themselves and everyone else at risk.