Doctor Treating Pregnant Covid Patients Warns This Could Be ‘Just Another Lull Before Another Potential Surge’

The worst month of the year for the pregnant Covid patients this year. It is indeed been a rough month for pregnant ladies. Imagine being pregnant and then getting Covid on top of it. It is the worst thing that you can expect during pregnancy.

Now Dr. Manisha Gandhi who has been treating the pregnant Covid patients has stated that she is not that hopeful for the winter coming on. She is worried about the situation getting worse.

Doctor Treating Pregnant Covid Patients Warns This Could Be 'Just Another Lull Before Another Potential Surge'

“It is a given fact that we need to be dealing with this surge and also we need to be taking care of really sick women but the major outcome of this is that it has just really taken a toll,” said Gandhi, “I’m still really afraid this is just another lull before another potential surge.”

The fact that the situation can get worse does change a lot of things for us. The situation is somewhat on the down-low now and manageable with all the vaccines and improved methods of taking care of Covid infected people but that may change soon when the cases start to rise again.

The CDC did issue a statement this week saying that the pregnant ladies need to take the Covid 19 shots immediately. There was urgency in the issuing of the statement by the CDC and that got people moving. There was also a reason behind this.

The agency had reported that at least a number of 22,000 pregnant women have been hospitalized because of the with Covid 19, and more than 160 ladies who were pregnant have died, including 22 in just a month of August.

Dr. Gandhi said that it is not only the mothers who are getting sick with the coronavirus and its symptoms. The disease is affecting the kids too. She said that “We are also going to have to deliver the children prematurely, so it turns out that they themselves are dealing with complications, but then in order to save them we have to deliver their baby in order to improve their health. This ends up with the results where the baby has to go to their own intensive care unit.”