7 Best ‘Discord Music Bots’ You Can Use

As you know, Discord is a very big gaming platform where you not only play games but also provide chatting services to its users. There is no other platform like this that provides the chatting service with the feature of gaming in the industry.

The biggest and the best feature of Discord is that it integrates Discord bots which helps in many other actions. There are many types of bots that the discord server provides but the best one is the music bots.

It will not only add an exciting feature to it but also help the users to listen to the music of their choice while they are chatting with the people. If you are currently using the Discord music bots or looking for some best of the music bots then this article is for you.


The age of digital communication has seen platforms like Discord flourish. While the platform itself offers a myriad of functionalities, it’s the addition of tools like Music Bots that makes the experience richer. Dive into this guide to get an in-depth view of Discord Music Bots, their utility, safety, and more.


What are Discord Music Bots?

Discord Music Bots are third-party extensions or plugins designed to play music in a Discord server’s voice channels.

With commands and controls similar to any other bot on Discord, these music bots fetch music from various sources like YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud, allowing members in a voice chat to listen to music collectively.

7 Best Discord Music Bots You Can Use

If you are also the one who is lookin

g for Discord Music bots then this article is only for you. To know more, you are advised to read this article from the beginning. Have a look at the 7 Best Discord Music Bots which you can use while you are playing the games or chatting with your friends on the Discord server platform:

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1. Fredboat

Fredboat is one of the best and the favorite music bot of most of the users. It is a very powerful music bot. Also, the best thing about fredboat is that it supports many other websites also. It can play music on different platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, direct links, Twitch, and many more.

The other advantage of using this music bot is that you can make your playlist of the songs which you love the most and listen to them anytime. Also, you can listen to the music on this platform at high quality without any problem related to the loss of quality.

Another good feature of this music bot is that it provides the function of searching in it which means rather than copying and pasting the link from youtube or other platforms, you can easily search the names of the songs on it which you wish to listen to. It also provides other options which you can try as per your wish.

2. ChillBot

If you are a user and lover of Lo-Fi music, then this music bot is the best for you. Chillbot will provide you with the Lo-Fi songs 24X7 without any issue. You can use this bot very easily and control it with no issue.

Basically, it is a live streaming radio station and due to this, you can’t play your own playlist which you want to listen to. But yes, here you will get the proper feel of an actual radio station which you will definitely enjoy.

3. Octave

It is another best discord music bot that you can use. If you are one of the people who like to listen to music with a high-quality sound, then this bot will best suit you. It will not only add music to your server but also the fun which you are looking for.

This music bot also provides the feature of searching for the music and creating the playlist. Not only this, but it also provides you the option of Spotify support built-in where you can add the playlist of Spotify in it and listen to all those songs here.

Another good feature that Octave provides is that you can vote the songs also and if the particular song is disliked by most of the users, then it can also be skipped. There are many other customizations that you can use and try while using this music bot.

4. ErisBot

Erisbot is a music bot that is not only powerful but also very easy to use. The biggest feature of this bot is that here you can make your own custom prefix for commands and even use them. Most of the other music bots did not have this feature.

All the users of this music bot are informed that in some cases, it may fail to parse the YouTube links and start playing the video so, you are advised to deal with it according to your preference. Otherwise, it is a very good discord music bot.

5. Tony Bamanaboni XD

Another one of the best discord music bots is Tony Bamanaboni XD. As you can see, this name is very hard to pronounce but it is a very cool and easy-to-use music bot.

It provides many best features to you which you can try like it can play/pause music for you, you can search for music, queue music, create your own auto-playlists, and many more.

It also contains some of the features with the help of which you can change the output of the music you are listening to by changing its bass boost, pitch, and speed among many others.

6. Zandercraft

It is very famous and loved by most of the users only due it its productivity. You can enjoy listening to the music on extra HD and very hi-fi music. If you are the one who likes to listen to songs with a very high-quality sound, then it is the best music bot for you. It contains all hi-fi music.

7. ProBot

This music bot is just like the Zandercraft mentioned above. With the help of Probot, you will be able to handle your discord server single-handedly very easily. It will help you in streaming high-quality music to your server while you are chatting with your friends.

Here, you can easily play the music, pause it and make the playlist of your own choice. It is a very powerful bot which will help you in listening to music among your friends only. Also, if you are the one who handles a lot of the people on the server, then Probot will help you in handling them with moderation.

Do Discord Music Bots Still Work?

Yes, as of the latest update in 2023, many Discord Music Bots continue to operate effectively. However, it’s worth noting that their functionality can sometimes be affected by changes in Discord’s API or terms of service, or the platforms from which they source music.

Who is the Founder of Discord Music Bots?

The concept of Music Bots isn’t attributed to a single individual. Instead, many developers and communities have created numerous Music Bots for Discord, each with its features and functionalities. Popular examples include Rythm, Groovy, and FredBoat, among others.

Benefits of Discord Music Bots:

  • Community Building: Sharing music can be a bonding experience. Music Bots enable server members to share their favorite tracks, creating a sense of community.
  • Customization: Many Music Bots offer the ability to customize playlists, queue songs, and even adjust the bot’s settings to suit the server’s needs.
  • Accessibility: Bots fetch music from popular platforms, ensuring a broad range of tracks are available to users.
  • Enhanced Gaming Experience: For gaming servers, Music Bots can set the ambiance or provide background music, enhancing gameplay.

Are Discord Music Bots Safe?

While many Music Bots are safe, some precautions are necessary:

  • Reputable Sources: Always add bots from trustworthy sources or official bot websites to ensure safety.
  • Permissions: When adding any bot, be cautious of the permissions it requests. Limiting permissions can reduce potential risks.
  • Updates: Ensure the bot is regularly updated to safeguard against vulnerabilities.

Are Discord Music Bots Free?

Many Discord Music Bots offer free versions, which provide a comprehensive music-playing experience. However, some bots also offer premium versions, which come with added features, better quality playback, or an ad-free experience.

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You are advised to go through the whole article above to know all about the music bots. The 7 best discord music bots are mentioned above which you can use while chatting to your friends on the discord server.

Discord Music Bots serve as an epitome of how integrative functionalities can elevate user experience on digital platforms. While they undeniably offer a plethora of benefits, users should remain aware and cautious about potential security implications.

Always choose bots from reputable sources and enjoy the harmonious blend of communication and music that they bring to the Discord community.