What does it Mean to Develop a B2B Strategy For a Business?

B2B marketing is the process of interaction between a supplying company and a consuming company. The result of this interaction is the sale of a business’s products/services to another business.

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Developing a Marketing Strategy in B2B

Marketing strategy should be understood as a plan to move from point A to point B along a pre-planned route. That is the transition from the current situation to the planned result with the use of certain marketing tools and available resources.

Marketing Strategy is a Set of Measures to Achieve Certain Goals:

  • Segmentation of the target audience (TA) and promotion of the product/service in the selected segments;
  • Elaboration of a portrait of the “ideal representative of the target audience”, understanding of their problems and needs;
  • Development of Proposition Value and work on positioning the company;
  • The choice of specific channels and resources for interaction with the target audience;
  • Constant analysis of each of the selected channels, optimization of work with them;
  • conducting analysis of client base, sales promotion, retention of current clients;
  • competent management of the product range, expansion of the line of market offers, etc.

This list is far from complete, and it is worth understanding that marketing in B2B is not a “one-time action”, but a painstaking ongoing effort. 

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1. Analysis of the Business and its Target Audience

Business owners who first learned about marketing (or have no experience in this area), when asked “What are your goals?” answer “Increase sales.” This is logical and understandable, but when delving deeper into this question, difficulties arise as to exactly what those sales are:

  • Primary;
  • presales;
  • what audience – potential customers or those who have already figured out what they need (cold and warm audiences);
  • where to sell (region);
  • sales by attracting new dealers or working with current ones, etc.

B2B Strategy

2. Market Demand Analysis

Once the analysis of the CA and its division into segments is complete, you can begin to look for the channels in the network through which to most effectively find customers.

At this stage, you need to understand that marketing in the B2B segment is not only about search engines and SEO-optimization for them.

3. Analysis of Competitors

Competitor analysis does not tolerate formulaic thinking – here it is important to clearly understand your business objectives and create an effective plan for competitor analysis. The top companies in your niche need to be studied as thoroughly and comprehensively as possible.

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4. Direct Development of Strategy – Making a Promotion Plan

When all the data described above are in hand, the marketer can start a brainstorming session, making hypotheses about the possible ways to achieve the goals. The hypotheses are then re-analyzed by the marketer for effectiveness and viability.

After that, the best ones are selected in terms of customer satisfaction and timing of achievement. The current market situation in the segment, the situation within the company and the budget are also taken into account.

The next stage will be the introduction of amendments to the concept (justified), after which a marketer will finalize the strategy and develop a clear action plan.

This plan will reflect absolutely all actions on future work, which can be predicted for the next couple of years.