Deshaun Watsons Training Camp Behavior is Hurting His Own …

Deshaun Watson, a former starting quarterback for both the Tigers and the Texans, was passed over by 11 teams in the 2017 NFL Draft. Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney famously compared Watson to the great Michael Jordan.


Deshaun Watsons Training Camp Behavior is Hurting His Own

After four strong NFL seasons, Watson didn’t detract from that comparison. However, Watson’s “participation” in the Houston Texans training camp has erased any comparison to the brilliance and tenacity that Jordan exhibited throughout his career during this offseason and now into this preseason.

Deshaun Watsons Training Camp Behavior is Hurting His Own ...

MJ has a reputation for being competitive in everything. Watson has become increasingly dissatisfied with himself and his football career, as seen by his behaviour and demonstrations during training camp.

Greatness doesn’t operate like this. Champions don’t go around the practise field, pretend to be other players, or make their own training camp into a circus.

The Texans desire a victor. They believed Watson to be the one. Evidently, not really. The real question is whether other teams would be ready to trade for him and believe that he is still a champion, not if the Texans believed they had one.

Several hundred athletes are awaiting a call-up from a squad to training camp. These athletes are genuinely in such a state of desperation that they are relying on the absence of other players to provide them a roster berth. It’s possible that Watson’s use of one of these locations to stand aimlessly on the practise field was the most self-centered and unbiased move in Texas sports history.

By Playing on Defence, Watson isn’t Improving the Offence.

By idly standing there, he isn’t improving the defence. He is not assisting the coaches in talent evaluation. Here is only trying to improve his own bank account. Deshaun Watson isn’t and won’t ever be a help to the Texans.

Watson has made it abundantly apparent that he has no desire to play for the Houston Texans ever again. His ambitions for his career and even his willingness to play football are less certain, though.

He should no longer be a member of the Texans. He can no longer genuinely assist the Texans except by being exchanged as a commodity for what little of his remaining good name remains.

It’s unusual to see a player with as much of a circus surrounding them as Watson has in 2021. Front offices across the league cannot be impressed by the Texans training camp’s offseason carousel and, to be honest, clown show. Risk-averse corporations and recency biases won’t do much to prevent a potential on- and off-field catastrophe.

Final Words

If Watson believes he can resume leading the league in passing yards after going without practise, he is sadly incorrect. He didn’t play safety in training camp last year and end up being the league leader in passing yards. He didn’t toss 33 touchdown passes over 16 games by taking part at the bare minimum necessary.

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