The Delta variant of the Coronavirus that had been found in India and then spread across the world from there had been a headache for a lot of people all over the world. Now there had been a new variant found known as the Delta plus variant that is causing a whole lot of concerns among a lot of world health experts.

India did term the new virus as a virus of concern. And it has been stated that the Delta plus variant is going to be more transmissible than the other variants. It noted that, as of June 16, cases of the delta plus variant had also been identified in the U.S. (83 cases at the time the report was published last Friday) as well as Canada, India, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland, and Turkey.

The New Delta Plus Variant of Covid is Here

Since the beginning of the virus in 2019, the virus had underwent a lot of changes over the course of time, and several of the variants are actually formed due to this mutation. The delta plus variant had also been one of the newest variants that have been found all over the world. The number of Delta variant cases is now a lot less, but the number should not be taking too long to rise.

The Delta plus variant is more contagious, and it can cause the third wave of Covid to come in several of the countries all over the world. So we need to be really careful in times like these. We should not just think that the coronavirus is over just because it is on the downhill in many countries, the number can spike at any moment.