Dell Warranty Check: 3 Ways to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

Dell, computers are known to hold the premium quality of electronic devices in the line of gadget competition. It has its own special features which make it different from others, which can be quite unique.

But when we head towards its warranty period, most of the Dell computers promise a standard one-year warranty from the date of purchase and even you may extend it up to 5 years according to your gadget.

And also you can get a free replacement or repair if the product comes under hardware failure during this period.

But the most common problem which arises among us, users is that we forget the date of purchase as in this modern era we may have several newly established electronic products.

To grab in a year which will put us in a confused state where we may forget the date of purchase or the warranty period.

But, if you have a Dell product then no worries, even if you forget the purchase date there are 3 easy ways to find it out, which will help you to make sure whether you are under warranty period or not and to confirm your warranty date.

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3 Ways to Check Dell Laptop Warranty Status

Method 1: Check Dell’s Warranty Status Online

This method is quite easy and preferable one for any. This method can be done if you are provided with the service tag or the service code of your Dell product, then you can easily check your warranty period.

You can find both these codes on the back of your device. If unfortunately you can’t find the tags, then kindly go for method 2.

Step 1: In any device available for you, take the warranty page of Dell in a web browser.

Step 2: In the available search field, enter the service tag or service code and then press the submit button to view the warranty status of your Dell product.

If at any case you are unable to go for this method, and then try method 2.

Method 2: Checking Warranty Status Using Support Assist

This method is mainly used when you can’t find both the express service code and service tag, here you can run the built in support assist tool on your Dell computer to check the warranty.

Step 1: Switch on your pc and open Dell support assist program. You can also use the search bar to open the same. Most of the Dells pcs comes up with this Dell support assist, but if unfortunately you can’t find it, then you can install it from Dells page.

Step 2: After opening this assist, you will be able to find your devices warranty status on the left part. That pane also shows the warranty expiry date which will be quite helpful. Here you will also be able to get your pcs service tag too.

If this method also didn’t work for you due to any reasons, then go for method 3.

Method 3: Check Your Computers Warranty Status by Contacting Dell

Step 1: Now, call up Dells customer care, and inform them your express service code or service tag, then they will inform you about your pcs warranty status which will help you make sure about your warranty period.

Now, don’t worry even if your pc doesn’t work or you eagerly need to know about the warranty period, these three simple methods will help you to find out that warranty period you have been searching for.

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So, without wasting your time check your warranty period easily now, if you are that Dell pc user.