Where to Buy Dedicated Cheap Proxies in 2021

Proxy servers work as an intermediary body between the users and the websites they browse. A proxy server’s pros are that they provide a state, or you can say, levels of security, functionality, and privacy to their users. The key function of proxy is to provide anonymity and handling the IP addresses of user’s computers.

If you have been working on the internet for a long time or new to internetwork & just working on the internet, you must have come across the term proxy service. We all know that the internet has become an indispensable part of any online business for its promotion/marketing, customer grievances, and whatnot.

Proxy service helps you to secure your online business from online theft or your competitors and hackers. So, it helps you make your business hassle-free, provides filtering of the content, etc. Proxy-Seller.com is the most trusted website for purchasing proxies.

Proxy Seller Review - Buy Dedicated Cheap Proxies


Proxy-Seller – Proxies, Features, and Pricing

You will find that there are several platforms where you can buy proxy servers from different geological locations. The important thing is to look for a reliable proxy-server seller to provide users with what they want. The forward and simple proxy seller packages offered by Proxy-Seller are the ones I would suggest you look for.

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One more thing that you might find appreciating is that Proxy-Seller does not categorize their proxy purchasing plans into many packages, each for a different purpose, making it easier for the user to choose from one without worrying about any hidden charges. Also, Proxy-Seller has packages for bulk proxy purchases (if anyone wants).

Below here we have attached screenshots of the pricing plans offered by Proxy-Seller:

Proxy Seller Pricing

ProxySeller Pricing

ProxySeller Pricing Plans for IPv6

What Does Proxy-Seller Offer?

Proxy-Sellers offers almost every kind of robust, reliable, and, most importantly, performance-oriented proxy. A Dedicated cheap proxy by Proxy-Seller is the best in the market. The price and support provided by Proxy-Seller is top class.

IPv4 Proxy

IPv4 Proxies are one of the best proxies you can buy for your use, and many users appreciate it. Here are the benefits of using IPv4 proxy:

  • IPv4 Proxies are fast and reliable, performance-oriented.
  • It helps you by improving the efficiency of your online/internet business.
  • IPv4 proxies ensure their users’ absolute anonymity, and it is excellent to save your money also.

IPv6 Proxy

IPv6 Proxies are an upgraded version of IPv4 proxies. IPv6 proxies are technically developed to replace IPv4 proxies, as IPv4 proxies were getting a little exhausted in terms of their function and quantitative capabilities.

IPv6 proxies hold the following features:

  • IPv6 proxies have IP addresses of 128 bits.
  • It provides an infinite number of entities.
  • They cost less than IPv4 proxies.

Dedicated Server

If you want to share your proxy with any other user or, say, your friends/partner/ work colleague in a virtual hosting space, then a dedicated server is right for you. The dedicated server helps you in taking full control of your hosting server by allowing you to discard all of your hosting space resources all by yourself.

Locations of Proxy Servers

Proxy Seller covers a massive part of the population with their services in around 12 countries, including the major ones, i.e.,

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. England
  4. Italy
  5. Canada
  6. Bulgaria
  7. India
  8. Russia
  9. Netherlands
  10. Ukraine
  11. France
  12. Kazakhstan

Proxy-Seller has a distribution of around 300 subnets, which is essential and appreciated since it helps in downtime by notable numbers.

As Proxy-Seller provides its services in a significant part of the world with 24*7 customer support, this adds one more point in their pros list and one more reason you should consider buying your proxies Proxy-Seller.

ProxySeller Test

Now let us move on to the review session of proxies; for that, we performed several tests on the proxies provided by (each one that we bought) Proxy-Seller to check the work efficiency of each of the proxy in various criteria.

Following are those several tests:

1. Ping Test

The most common and a bit irritating problem that one will come across while using a proxy is that while establishing a connection on the internet, they tend to get a little lagging or slow. The Ping Test is used to determine the frequency of an object or, in our case, a Proxy.

In simple words, the Ping Test is used to check if the host or website you are trying to open is reachable or not on an Internet Protocol Network.

Nowadays, most of the modern proxy providers are very precise and do make sure that proxy shows an excellent ping, i.e., reaches to the host or the website you are trying to open as fast as possible and that too with high-speed connections only.  Thus, your proxy won’t let you wait up while establishing a connection after you click on a page/website to open up.

The ping test duration of the proxies provided by Proxy-Seller has a duration of establishing connections ranging from 50-150 ms. So, you will experience this from places that are far away. It also helps to give users hassle-free and lag-free browsing without much of a delay.

We use whoer.net to test the proxies. It is an online service that helps you check the ping time of a proxy for a specific number of IP from selected servers around the world.

2. Speed Test

Then we moved on to our next test, i.e., the Speed Test. After the client has made a connection using a proxy server, then the speed test tries to download a piece of data from the internet, i.e., the speed test is a measure of a round trip in milliseconds.

Well, what is the point of experiencing a good proxy server without incredible and proper speed? We performed a speed test for your convenience and information, which is again a renowned speed testing service you can find on the internet.

Proxy-Seller Speed in US
Speed tests with Proxy-Seller

3. GEOLocation Test/ISP Test

A GEOLocation Test is done to evaluate a website, or you can say proxy through many IPs. That is allocated in different geographic regions. We performed a GEOLocation Test with the help of iplocation.net, a GEOLocation assembling site that helps find the geolocation of an IP. We performed this test only on USA proxies from various cities and carried the different subnet with the different sequential and IPs.

4. IP Address Compatibility Test

IP Address Compatibility Test is our fourth and last test, and in the test, we have examined the proxies by putting into action to check whether they can access the most popular sites. This test is essential as many of the proxy providers inflict few restrictions based on their respective packages, which they later use to recycle the banned proxies for other usages.

As we mentioned earlier in this article that the proxies we purchased from Proxy-Seller were forward and only performance-oriented; we hoped that there wouldn’t be many restrictions on those proxies. We checked many websites of different categories to see if they are accessible using our proxies, and just like I mentioned earlier, there were no restrictions imposed.

  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Yandex
  • Amazon
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Ticketmaster
  • Facebook
  • eBay
  • Periscope
  • Steam
  • World of Tanks
  • World of Warcraft

Features of Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller offers various features to their clients, and those features are:

1. Highly Anonymous Proxies

Proxy-Seller offers its client the best proxies that provide the highest anonymity to the client’s original IPs. Anonymous Proxies means that the website you are trying to reach or are browsing won’t receive your network’s original IP address. Proxy Server also helps you by masking/replacing the original IP address in the HTTP forwarding header.

2. IPv4 and IPv6 Proxy Packages and SOCKS5 Proxies

SOCKS5 Proxies, like any other proxies, work by exchanging network packets/ data between a client and a server through a proxy server. SOCKS5 Proxies are highly anonymous proxies that provide you with complete privacy.

Also, only a handful of proxy provides offer their clients SOCKS5 proxies, and there are even lesser proxy providers that give the privilege of choosing between IPvr4, IPv6, and SOCKS5 proxies to their clients.

Proxy-Seller offers a suitable package for general purpose and everyone while providing/ offering different types of proxies to their clients. I must say it is a very step or strategy to promote their website and attract as many customers as possible.

3. 24 Hours Refund Policy

Proxy-Seller offers a 24-hour refund policy in which they guarantee you the replacement of the proxies if you are not satisfied with it, or you can also ask for the total refund of the money. But it’s only valid for the next 24-hours of the purchase and only under their usage restrictions.

4. IP and Username Authorization

Proxy-Seller provides you with the authorization on the IP along with the verification of username-password for authentication purposes. Using the username-password verification method, you can log on to your proxy from any device (yes, you can log on from multiple devices), and the devices don’t even have to share the same IP address.

(TIP: if the devices that you use to log on do share the same IP address, then it will be easier for you to use IP Authorization.)

5. Proxy Refreshing

This feature allows you to request a refresh of your proxies once a month/ every other month. If you do a lot of SEO activities, then this feature is beneficial for you.

6. Payment Options

You can pay to Proxy-Seller from any online payment platform, so you will always have a possible way to pay for proxies or your subscription fees.

How to Sign-up for Proxy-Seller?

Proxy-Seller uses a very informative and intuitive web interface/website. You can easily choose or customize (they have the option for that) a package as per your desire and checkout from there easily. And if you can not decide and have any queries, then you can scroll down to learn more about the services provided by Proxy-Seller.

How to Install And Use Proxy-Seller?

As we mentioned earlier that Proxy-Seller provides two methods for using their services. Username-password verification as well as IP authorization for authentication purposes.

You can choose either of them as per your convenience or desire for installation and usage purposes. You can easily select any one of the methods from the control panel.

Next, for proxy configuration, go to the network settings or system settings, then type in the IP address along with the port number (make sure you type the correct IP address to avoid any further issues).

Or you can go with the Bot method to configure your proxy, you have to put the entire list of proxies, and then the bot by itself will go through the list and configure the setup.

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Proxy-Seller is a proxy provider platform that offers many features to their client for clients’ convenience only. Proxy-Seller is appreciated by many users, which is obviously because Proxy-Seller is packed with features.

They allow you to choose proxies of different kinds such as IPv4, IPv6, HTTPS, SOCKS5, etc. They also different IP versions. Proxy-Seller promises you the best customer support, stable performance, they have cheap proxy plans, and they also have different packages. If you are looking forward to buying a proxy, then Proxy-Seller would be the best provider to start with.