Deadly Firefight Erupts at Kabul Airport

A firefight has broken out at Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport. This has happened actually very early on Monday morning. The main reason behind this chaos is the current situation of Afghanistan as well as the fact that the foreign forces continued to assist with evacuations.

There are literally thousands of Afghans who are actually trying to escape from the country over the fear of the Taliban. This is being presented as a betrayal to the Taliban forces and opposite sides have taken opposite opportunities in their hands. Amidst all the chaos and the firefight, one of the Afghan security personnel was killed.

Deadly Firefight Erupts at Kabul Airport

This is not the end of the casualties as another three Afghans were wounded when the firefight erupted between Afghan security forces and the other group of unknown attackers. This has been a statement that has been issued by the official account of the German Joint Forces Operations Command.

There has been a lot of trouble in the past few days and that is what has been complete chaos. The Situation is not looking any better. The world politicians and the people in power are actually very worried and Joe Biden with the US government has been getting a lot of criticism.

As tension continues to rise in Afghanistan, many governments have stepped forward to help the countrymen of their own country. “Our hope is we will not have to extend, but there are going to be discussions, I suspect, on how far along we are in the process,” said Joe Biden on the matter at hand. What happens in the following weeks is yet a mystery but we will be sure to let you know about what goes down.

It is sincerely a very pathetic and cruel time that the people of Afghanistan have been going through. The only hope that we can offer at this point in time is prayers and hopefully, the violence will subside soon. What happens with the Taliban in power is yet to be known. Whether it was a strategic move or was it simply withdrawal is yet to be known. Several claims and debates later this is still a shock.