Dave Ramsey Baby Steps: Do They Actually Work

You are in the right place if you are looking for ways to get rid of debts. There is no need to explain how stressful debts are. Even when all hope vanishes for you and is getting very difficult every day, it is possible to get out of this.

There is always a way for a brighter future, and you need to keep working hard every day. You also need to make some smart choices so you can get out of debt as soon as possible. Today we are going to talk about Dave Ramsey baby steps. These baby steps are proven to be effective and hence you should know about Dave Ramsey baby steps.

Dave Ramsey Baby Steps

It is important to keep thinking about a better future and you must find out your ‘why’ (your reasons) for doing all this. It is very important to have a reason and purpose for fighting your difficult situations. It will help you fight with different situations and find out your reasons.

So let’s start reading about Dave Ramsey and his baby steps advice.


Who is Dave Ramsey and Why Should You Listen to Him?

Dave Ramsey is a financial advisor, author of many books, businessman, and a radio show host. Currently, the net worth of Dave Ramsey is 200 million dollars. His radio is world-famous and his books are best selling books. You should listen to him because he worked hard with his ways and got out of bankruptcy successfully.

He was under millions of dollars debts, but he didn’t quit and made his future bright. Dave Ramsey advises other people and helps them to make their way out of debts. His tips and tricks are proven and helped many people.

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What Are Dave Ramsey’s 7 Baby Steps?

7 baby steps of Dave Ramsey are given below. These steps are proven to be successful. These steps don’t involve any kind of magic. These baby steps will help you to get rid of debts, and help you to build wealth, and will secure your future. So let’s start reading now Dave Ramsey’s 7 baby steps.

Baby Step 1: Save a $1,000 Emergency Fund

The truth about life is that it is full of uncertainties. We don’t know what tomorrow may bring. Sometimes the upcoming situations are in our favor and sometimes, they aren’t in our favor. So it is very important to save some money for any unforeseen circumstances.

There is always a chance for situations that don’t work in your favor. So the trick is to save some money so you can successfully avoid such situations.

I know being in debt and then also saving money is a bit too difficult. The advice is to try to save some money on a daily basis because it is very important to have some money for future unfavorable circumstances.

Baby Step 2: Pay Off ALL of Your Debts (Except Your Mortgage)

It is very difficult to imagine a life without debts when you are actually living a life full of debts. The positive side is that your hard work never goes in vain. Hence working hard will surely bring you positive results and will help you to get out of debt too. The trick here is to list all your debts in order.

The order here is starting from the smallest debt to the largest debt. It means you should first try to pay the smallest debt with the least outstanding balance. The joy of getting rid of debt will motivate you to work harder and hence you will pay your other debts too.

The debts with the smallest outstanding balance are easier to pay than the debts with larger outstanding balances.

Baby Step 3: Save 3-6 Months Worth of Expenses in an Emergency Fund

Now since you have paid most of your debts successfully, it is important to live with calmness. I know it is not easy and still, monthly expenses and other expenses trouble you. You need to store enough money to pay your monthly expenses such as bills, etc. for 3 to 6 months in one go. This will help you to think and live freely for 3 and 6 months.

Recovering from difficult situations is never going to be easy, and most importantly, time is needed for healing. Hence with already paying expenses for 3 or 6 months will help you to gain sanity and calmness. It will help you to start thinking with a fresh mind so you can make a fresh start.

Baby Step 4: Invest 15% of Your Income to Retirement

Paying off debts and all your monthly expenses for 3 or 6 months will surely put you in a good and calm mood. It is important to feel relaxed and calm, but it is very important to think about your future too. Time passes very quickly, so if you need to save for your future too. The tip here is to invest 15 percent of your income into retirement.

Hence the feeling of your future being secured is really a nice feeling, and you surely don’t want to miss out on this. So you need to do this, so you don’t face any trouble in your future.

Baby Step 5: Save for your Kids’ College Fund

Now since you are in a good financial position and your future is also secured, now you can think about other important things. The most important after yourself is obviously our family and their bright future.

You need to save money for your family too.

It is very important to save money for your family, so you don’t use money which is saved for something else. The tip here is to save some money for your kid’s college funds. Hence, you can always use this money for your kids and help them to develop their bright future with the already saved money.

Baby Step 6: Pay Off Your Home Early

Now you are in a good financial position. You are saving funds for your family, for your future, etc. You have already paid your debts and your monthly expenses. So now it is time to get rid of your mortgage debt. You need to do this now. It is always good to get rid of all your debts, including mortgage debts.

Hence, just try to save more money so you can pay your monthly mortgage payments. One day, you will get rid of your mortgage debts with monthly payments, and it is always a wonderful feeling. So start saving and start paying for your mortgage debts.

Baby Step 7: Build Wealth and Give Wealth

It is important to picture yourself in your present situation. Once, you were full of debts, and now you are free from debts. Your future and your family’s future are now safe. Hence now you can live freely without any worries. Now you should try to build something for society and help them.

You should even try to collect wealth and give wealth to society. You should try to be positive and help needy people. Life should be lived in a state of positivity and with the will to help people.

Why is it Important to Follow These Baby Steps in Order?

It is very important to follow these steps in order. These steps are proven to be super useful when followed in order. So try to work hard and follow these steps in order. These steps are made by Dave Ramsey with his thoughts. With all his thoughts and thinking, he made these steps.

He was able to get out of millions of dollars of debts and bankruptcy with these steps, so you can too. Always try to hope for a better future and keep working hard. Efforts never go in vain, so keep working hard. We wish you the best.

Who Should Use Dave Ramsey’s Baby Steps?

Dave Ramsey’s baby steps can be followed by everyone. It is very effective for anyone who is looking for a way to get out of debt. Hence, you can be a single parent, a teenager, a person in their fifties, a baker, or anyone. Your efforts count, and a better future await you.

So these baby steps are suitable for anyone who wants a better future without any debts. Try these 7 baby steps and get rid of debts and secure your future, build wealth, donate wealth and lastly, help each other.

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I have tried to present all the 7 baby steps of Dave Ramsey above. These steps are easy, and a good mindset will help you to achieve anything despite the circumstances. I wish you all the best in overcoming difficult situations. Just work hard and always remember every simple effort makes a difference.