6 Helpful Data Sources for Digital Marketers

Digital marketers have loads of stuff to deal with. You would think that big data and the fact that there’s so much information out there would be helpful. But if you’re a digital marketer and have tried to do research in the past, you’d know that it can get super complicated.

With so many different sources and platforms, it can be impossible to find the right one and distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources. Well, here are 6 great data sources that will be sure to help you in your digital marketing journey.


Website Analytics

A platform as simple as Google Analytics is an awesome tool that every digital marketer should use to track the activity on their website. It reveals how many visitors your website receives, which pages/blog posts are the most popular ones, how long visitors stay on your website, and many more valuable insights.

Digital Marketing

The best part about Google Analytics is that it’s completely free, making it a must-have in every digital marketing campaign. (You do need to pay a certain fee if you want to receive even more features, but the free version is enough for most businesses).

Data Marketplaces

A data marketplace is a digital platform where you can buy various sets of data from sellers. There are many different marketplaces to choose from. Some sell benchmarking data, others sell market data, and others might even sell health data. And don’t worry, data marketplaces are perfectly legal.

Usually, the data you find there is scraped from the open web, legally collected by companies, or even provided by individuals voluntarily. The main benefit of a data marketplace is that you can receive clearly structured and useful data right away without needing to do the research yourself. Sure, you’ll probably need to pay to get the data, but usually, it’s more than worth your saved time and resources.

Customer Surveys

If you’d like to find something out from your customers, why not just ask them? Customer surveys are an excellent way to extract valuable data for free. However, you should know that most of the customers you send a survey to will not respond.

That’s why it’s a good idea to create some kind of incentive that will make them want to answer your survey. For example, you can announce a digital lottery which people can enter by answering an anonymous survey. Or, you can offer everyone who answers your survey a discount on their next purchase.

Keyword Research Tools

Tools like Moz, Google Trends, and Ahrefs can give valuable insights into what people are actively searching for online. By using this knowledge, you can implement the most popular keywords related to your niche into your blog posts, online ads, and all other promotional material.

By combining keyword data with other SEO-related elements like readability and user-friendliness, you can increase your organic rankings on search engines and attract more and more visitors to your website.

Social Media Metrics

We all know how great social media marketing is for a business. But if you do it blindly without any real feedback and insights, you’re just wasting your time. When it comes to social media marketing, metrics are key.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with various different posts to see how your audience reacts and which types of content are performing best. Only through trial and error will you learn what the most effective strategy for your brand is!

Competitor Analysis

Your competitors have so much valuable data that you can use to your advantage, especially your most successful competitors. Make sure to keep close tabs on what they’re doing: their prices, their website content, their social media strategy, and everything else. Use your competitor data as a guide for how you should market your own business.


Digital marketing is a super interesting field, but many digital marketers find themselves lost in the pool of available data and different sources. The 6 data sources named above are all you need to kickstart your campaign. Don’t forget to keep close tabs on all of these sources and track all relevant changes. This way, you’ll be on your way to success in no time!