Daily Mail Teen Instagram Star Car Accident

I’ll never get over the Jamie Bennett car accident; it’s changed my life forever.

The 16-year-old Instagram superstar posts a shocking photograph of herself in the health facility with bandages and bruises following a terrible car accident that killed her good friend Jamie Bennett of Marietta, Georgia on Saturday.

daily mail teen instagram star car accident

When their car flipped over, the Instagram star and her three pals were all trapped inside.


Accident in a Car, Jamie Bennett

Jamie learned that her Instagram friend Brooke Rice had been killed in the accident. disaster in Naples, Florida involving an automobile By An Instagram star revealed a shocking photo of herself with cuts and bruises after being involved in a car accident that claimed the life of one of his good friends.

Marietta, Georgia native Jamie Bennett, 16, told her fans on social media that a car crash in Naples, Florida changed her life forever.

The Daily Mai for Jamie Bennett

Daily mai for Jamie Bennett Brooke Rice, a close friend of hers who was in the accident, died. Jamie stated in the caption of an Instagram post, “We’ve been simply trying to drive along the road with the windows completely down to get the insects out of the car.”

Things appear in the wink of an eye. Tragic: Marietta, Georgia, native Jamie Bennett, 16, revealed to her followers on Sunday that she was shaken up by a car crash she was involved in on Saturday night in Naples, Florida. +5 Marietta teen Jamie Bennett, 16, revealed to her followers on Saturday night that she was shaken up after being involved in a car crash in Naples, Florida.

Tragically, Jamie had three women in the car with him when his friend Brooke Rice was killed in a +5 collision.

This is a heartbreaking story, but Jamie slid over in the car with three separate women. Sadly, after the coincidence, her friend Brooke Rice passed away. Jamie, who amassed an Instagram account with her health and fashion posts, said she has modified permanently because of the incident that occurred on Saturday night.

Jamie, who attracted Instagram fans together with her posts on shape, became concerned in a single rollover coincidence with three of her friends while strolling down the block.

The kid posted a description of what happened on Instagram, saying that everything happened suddenly and that the car was in a ditch before anyone could do anything about it. She said that they had decided to roll down the windows and go on a drive to get away from the bugs.

We were all betting on the song “Taste,” and then Brooke leaned out the window and let the breeze caress her face. Her smile was the most significant feature of her appearance. ‘A minute or so later, we crashed into a ditch. I looked for my friends by going through the sunroof.

Jamie learned that if the car had tipped over, anyone inside may have been killed instantly because the sunroof allowed air to enter. Since I was flung out of the sunroof, God communicated to me via the police officer that my existence would be spared if we turned around again. Although her St.

North of Naples, at John Neumann High School

resulted in the end of their existence after the crash. Police are still looking into the single-vehicle accident that occurred, and DailyMail.com has reached out to the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for more information as to what may have caused the automobile to flip over.

Clare Cuenya and Sophie Shrader, both seniors at the time of the accident, were the other passengers inside the car.

Jaime said her life was forever altered at that moment, and her friend is now an angel “loved by way of way of everyone, including myself.” He said it would “extrade me for all time” on Instagram. God has a purpose.

Everything it does serves that one goal.

There’s no reason why I shouldn’t pursue my own interests. This was not how things should have gone for them. I want you to take it easy, sweet darling Brooke.

The deceased student’s high school will pay tribute to her on Monday morning.