15 Best ‘Crunchyroll’ Alternatives in 2023

Crunchyroll is one of the finest and most popular anime streaming websites. The website has everything, from anime shows and movies to Manga and Drama (Japanese TV Show) which will never let you get bored during your leisure time.

You can watch the available shows and movies are in various genres such as thriller, comedy, action, romantic, horror, adventure, sci-fi, mystery, and many more. The site is absolutely free, you don’t have to pay anything to get access to these shows.

However, the option of premium subscription is also available which provides some added advantages such as add free watching and videos in HD quality.


Founded in 2006, Crunchyroll connects anime and manga fans in more than 200 countries and territories with 360-degree experience. It streams more than 900 series containing nearly 25000 episodes, regularly updating its database with new shows and movies as soon as they are released in Japan.

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15 Best Crunchyroll Alternatives in 2023

Although Crunchyroll provides you with almost everything, it is always advisable to keep options. There are many sites over the internet that provides you with similar entertainment and a huge library of movies and TV shows.

To make your searching easier, we have compiled all the alternatives below. We have put down a well-researched list to fulfill your yearning for shows.

1. Netflix

Netflix is an online, most popular, and worldwide used entertainment platform which streams first-class movies and Television shows. The site offers you films and programs in almost every genre possible such as horror, thriller, action, comedy, romance, cartoons for kids, and man more.

Netflix is available on every platform- from your computers to your mobile phones and television. Netflix provides you with an application available on both play store and apple store. The site and app let you make your own library consisting of the shows you have already watched and wish to watch.

And the best thing is there are advertisements displayed. You can watch the shows and movies hassle-free. But Netflix does not come for free. There are 3 payment options- basic, standard, and premium, with the first 30 days as a free trial. The price tags of its payment programs are priced between $7.99, $9.99, $11.99, respectively.

If you chose the basic plan, the print quality and voice quality are standard with only 1 screen display i.e. only one person will be able to use the site at a time. Whereas the standard and premium plan streams HD quality videos with 2 and 4 screens respectively.

Moreover, you can end your membership any time you want, there is no compulsion.

2. Prime Video

Prime video is a web-based platform offered by Amazon which brings to you unlimited entertainment. Similar to Netflix, Prime Video is also available on every platform.

Amazon Video is a bit different as compared to other on-demand services as its inline streaming is finite. The site mainly sells movies and TV shows or gives them on rent. Amazon video may not be as efficient as other highly ranked sites but it attracts a fair amount of audience.

United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Austria, the US, and many more countries enjoy the on-demand video services offered by Amazon. It also offers some Amazon original movies and shows, which are only made for this site and cannot be streamed on any other.

3. Crackle

Offering numerous unedited and uncut Hollywood movies, Crackle is an online platform made only for Web-based series, TV shows, and movies. The majority of the content on the site is free to watch and is of high quality.

The interface of the site is well organized and user friendly. Crackle is considered as one of the best sites featuring full-length movies and TV shows without any disturbance. The platform offers you movies, TV shows, and Web series ranging in various genres such as action, thriller, adventure, horror, Mystery, romantic.

The database of the site consists of both- original content and the content acquired from other companies. Making its services available in 21 countries, Crackle is the finest online site streaming top-notch video. Just click on the play button of the movie you want to watch, and it will be on your screen.

4. Viewster

Viewster is one of the sophisticated sites streaming high-quality full-length movies, horror movies, documentaries, thrillers, without asking for any payment or charges from you. Founded in 2007, the viewster now streams on-demand videos in more than 120 countries across the world.

You can operate the site without any registration or any external software. From anime to independent films, Viewster is licensed to stream more than 12000 titles of movies and a broad range of TV shows.

To make the videos easily accessible, Viewster also provides you with its app available on both android and IOS. Therefore, it can be operated from any platform that has an active internet connection.

5. Hulu

Owned by Walt Disney Direct-to-Consumer & International, Hulu is outstanding multi-platform streaming movies and shows online. With an attention-grabbing interface, Hulu is the platform having an engaging collection of hits, latest, and award-winning movies and TV shows.

The website is updated on a regular basis providing new content. Hulu provides the highest quality of audio and video, making your entertainment fun-filled. The films and series offered by the site are in different languages too, satisfying the demand of every person.

6. Fandor

Fandor is the web-based house for watching original documentaries and movies anytime and from any corner of the world. You can access the site from any platform -Roku device, Apple TV, Amazon Kindle, Android devices, IOS, and every other.

But the ad-free watching does not come for free. It is available for a monthly package of $10, $7.50, and $90 per year. A 14-day trial period is also available which will help you to decide if you want the subscription or not.

Fandor offers you all the handpicked and award-winning movies from across the globe in one place. Offering content since 2011, Fandor is, therefore, a wonderful entertaining site.

7. GoWatchIt

The next in line of the alternatives is GoWatchIt. Along with streaming the on-demand movies online, GoWatchIt also sells and rents them in the form of DVD, Blu-Ray, and HD CDs as well.

You just have to search for your favorite movie or the movie you wish to watch on the search bar using your mobile phones or tablets, and GoWatchIt will show you that movie. And the best thing, the app also allows you to download the desired movies.

The app presents you with information about the movies which are currently playing in theatres. Most of the content that GoWatchIt offers is based on other service providers such as Netflix, amazon prime, SnagFilms, and others. You can rate and write reviews for the movie you have watched and add the movies you want to watch in a queue.

8. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix enables you to stream full-length movies for free. You can access the site through any platform- computers and smartphones. The site has a structured and user-friendly interface that helps you to explore PopcornFlix easily.

The site is systematically categorized under different sections such as family and kids’ movies, horrors, documenters, Spanish movies, drama-based movies, and many more which makes your sorting easier. There is no limit, you can watch as many movies as you want without any limit.

Moreover, you can watch your favorite stars’ movies such as Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig, and many others. You can search for the movies you want to stream according to the genre, title, and actor. The best thing is that you can download them too.

9. FrightPix

If you are searching for a site in the hope of watching horror, funny, sci-fi, and other movies, then FrightPix is a one-stop for you. FrightPix streams hundred of full-length horror movies, making it best suitable for the people who love terror.

The site lets you create your own customized list of movies, without subscribing to it. The site regularly updates its huge database, so you can watch the latest and hit movies without searching for them anywhere else.

Established in 2014, FrightPix is an outstanding site that brings to you the best horror movies. You can also download the movies without incurring any cost. At least 1 movie will add each and every day on FrightPix. You can also share movies with Facebook and Twitter.

10. Flixter

If you want to spend your leisure time in the best way possible, Flixter is next to the perfect option for it. The community-based web portal allows you to find movies, browse the feedback, and watch television shows and that too without any charge.

You can also comment on the movies and shows you have already watched. The site provides you with information regarding movies such as their launch date and shows you their trailer. You can either rent the movies or buy them. The content available is in high video quality.

11. ePix

Another such on-demand, internet-based video service provider is ePix. ePix offers you premium quality movies and TV series which to keep you engaged in your free time. The site especially streams comedy movies, original documentaries, music, and many more.

ePix with its site also has an application that offers movies in various genres such as thriller, mystery, sci-fi, romance, comedy, etc which in turn have subcategories like top-rated, laugh out loud, latest, staff picked, certified, etc.

It is one of the finest and decent platforms which gives its views the best and suitable options to watch the latest hit movies. ePix also offers three premium levels of TV channels to watch.

12. VUDU

Founded in 2004, VUDU provides you with full-length movies and TV shows. For people who want to watch unlimited full-length movies without any limitation or interruption, VUDU is a wonderful platform.

The huge web-based platform allows you to watch movies and TV shows anytime and anywhere with no subscription and no contract. All the content is of high quality, up to 4k UHD. You can even download the videos on your mobile phone.

With more than 100000 titles available, you can either rent the movies or buy them permanently or can watch thousands of them for free. You can play videos on VUDU from any platform- mobile phones or computers and even tablets.

13. TUBE+

Easier than YouTube to use, TUBE+ is created by Chocomoko and is less difficult as far as functions and plans are concerned. Similar to other websites mentioned above, TUBE+ also lets you download various titles and keep them in the store nearby so that you can operate them whenever you want.

The download option gives you choices of video quality ranging from 360 p to 1080p. TUBE+ gives you an experience that no other website gives.

14. MovieRill

Last but not least on our list comes MovieRill. MovieRill is the best online movie streaming website with the largest database. The interface of the site is simple and interactive, which makes your navigation easier.

One can access MovieRill from any device, from windows to iPhones and tablets. Moreover, unlike any site, MovieRill is more of a video-sharing site where you can find most recording videos from all over the internet.

MovieRill updates its sites and uploads new videos almost every day, just a click and it will start screening. The website also offers videos that are discharge and upcoming and the latest videos.

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Hope you find our list helpful and time-saving. So, you don’t have to go anywhere and search for the mediums to entertain yourselves. The sites listed above should satisfy your cravings for full-length movies and TV shows.

Different movies ranging in various genres such as romance, action, comedy, thriller, action, horror, sci-fi, animated, adventure, fantasy, and many more are offered by the site mentioned above.

Some may require registration and turn on a payment basis while others are absolutely free. So, grab your bucket of popcorn now and start binge-watching.