Creating an E-Commerce Site: How To Make Your Project a Success

In recent years, online shopping has also proliferated and many consumers have begun to shop online. Although the trend of e-commerce is constantly growing, the number of “failures” remains especially high.

Before creating an e-commerce site, it is recommended to evaluate various aspects and pay close attention to details. What details? In this article, you will learn what will help you in creating a successful e-commerce site!

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Before creating an online store: Have you thought of everything?

No one will ever start a business without carefully weighing the investment costs, the line to be followed, the goals to be achieved in the short and long term, right? The lack of a precise idea, passion can only be counterproductive for activities, whether physical or online.

E Commerce

One of the main aspects of the pre-build phase of an eCommerce site, namely the “preparation” phase, concerns attention to every detail. First of all, also by reading specific articles, you will be able to understand whether the sector we want to enter has a large or small number of competitors. Subsequently, we will have to pay attention to the initial and investment costs, such as:

  • Bureaucracy (accountant);
  • creation of an online store;
  • web marketing strategies;
  • Logistic aspects.

Added to this is the time investment: you will spend many sleepless nights thinking about how to make your online business perfect and, above all, creating a copy (if you do not rely on an inbound marketing agency), coordinating every step. This will be a long time that you will take from your current business if you have one.

Those who decide to create an e-commerce site should also have clear ideas about:

  • Core business: what will you be selling? What will be the key product of your line?
  • Values, mission, vision. Every self-respecting company pursues certain ideals and goals: it can be said that every entrepreneur is a dreamer who is trying to make his dreams come true. Have you thought about what the core values ​​of your business will be? Short term goals? What would you like your company to become in the near future?
  • Logo and claim. Yes, maybe it will come later, but it is important to have a clear idea of ​​how we will be remembered by the consumer. Logo and slogan for this. Let’s try to think of McDonald’s: the first thought comes to a yellow M in the midst of many red ones and the slogan “I love it”, right?
  • Here, these elements are used precisely to identify us among the large crowd of entrepreneurs who, like us, are looking for a place in the online world.

After a thorough assessment of the costs, goals and ideals of our future online store, it is finally time to move on to the practical part of the work. At this point, you can get support from a web agency after you get an accurate quote for the website, or you can do it yourself. In the latter case, of course, you will need skills in programming, graphics, copywriting and Internet marketing.

Platform Selection

One of the first steps to face when you want to open an eCommerce site is choosing a platform. CMS (content management system) can positively or negatively affect sales. In fact, if the site is slow and cumbersome, the user will be prompted to exit and will not complete the purchase process in our online store.

It would be good to ask: how much do I want to invest in my project? If the initial budget is very small, it is better to choose a free solution. A prime example, in this case, is Shopify, a service used by millions of users with limited programming skills. This platform offers unlimited secure hosting and free domain creation.

Only if you want to customize it, you will have to buy it. To showcase your products on Shopify, you’ll just need to pay for a monthly subscription, which can be more or less expensive depending on the features you want and the level of customization.

If, on the other hand, you want a highly customizable open-source platform, you can choose PrestaShop, which was created specifically for creating eCommerce. Easy to use, it allows you to create the online store you’ve always wanted by easily adding new products and running custom SEO campaigns for them.

Ecommerce website development from our company can help you solve these and other gaps that you may encounter along the way.