The President of France once said that vaccination is not compulsory against Covid, but now they are making changes in this statement that they had previously issued due to the surge in the number of cases. This is now a compulsory matter that all the people who are health care workers are needed to get the Covid 19 vaccine. It is now a must and not a choice for them anymore.

“We are not speaking about mandatory vaccination for all the people in France. We are just speaking about mandatory vaccination for people working in the healthcare and who are in contact with the most fragile people in France,” Bruno Le Maire, France’s finance minister, told CNBC on Tuesday.

Covid Vaccine Compulsory For Health Care Workers in France

“I think it’s a question of responsibility and having a mandatory vaccination for the people which are, every day, in contact with the most fragile people among the French population, I really think that it would be a wise decision,” Le Maire added.

Many people of the government had shown support to this decision and it is going to be put in action soon enough. So how it works out depends entirely on the government and the schemes and plans they make for this particular matter.

The French government even warned earlier this week about the possibility of a fourth wave of cases in late July.

“For five days, the virus (infections) is not coming down, but going up due to the delta variant, which is very contagious. The English example shows that another wave is possible from the end of July,” Véran said over the weekend, according to CNBC translation.