Cool Things You Can Do on A Mac

You’ve made a great decision by choosing a Mac, despite macOS’s market share in computers being less than 10%. Compared to other computers, Macs are superior in many ways.

This operating system has a friendly interface and powerful features beneath the hood. Make the most of your equipment with our assistance. At least, that’s how I interpret… of your apparatus.

It’s common practice to use a MacBook for any tasks using video or software that include creating 3D models. But if you’re just an average Joe with no special skills using a MacBook, you probably don’t even know how to merge videos. This is quite normal, and it’s possible that you didn’t buy a MacBook for this very reason.

Cool Things You Can Do on A Mac


Cool Things You Can do on a Mac

Mac OS X may be a stripped-down OS, but it has more in store for you than you may think. When you’re bored, you may do a variety of entertaining things on your MacBook Pro, from asking Siri to read you jokes to navigating to well-known locations on Maps.

1. Clean Up and Reorganize

Organizing the useful programs and data on your Mac might help you strike a balance between having fun and getting things done. Remove any unused software and data. Click the Apple menu item, then select About This Mac, then the Storage menu item, and finally, click Manage.

Then, on the left pane, delete the unused software, paperwork, and tunes. And you can empty the Trash and schedule it to be collected automatically in the future. After discarding unnecessary information, you should divide the remaining useful data into appropriate categories.

Make use of folders to organize your files on the desktop, the Finder (with the help of our Finder makeover tutorial), and the browser (deleting web history and managing bookmarks).

2. Explore the World With Google Earth and Maps

If you’re bored, one way to kill time is by going on an adventure. Apps like Google Maps and Google Earth and Apple Maps make it easy to discover alternative commutes, hunt down local hotspots, and travel the globe in virtual reality and street view.

Learning about the actual sizes of various countries is also a lot of fun. With a spherical planet as their subject, flat maps can be deceiving (they stretch and squeeze different parts of the globe).

Yet, services like True Size make it possible to evaluate countries in terms of their true sizes.

3. Add to Your Reading List in a Snap

No longer will Safari read RSS feeds. Although if this feature is available in other browsers like Chrome, you may still want to use Safari. If so, I highly recommend the Reading List replacement tool.

Reading List creates a short-term bookmark for a page so you can easily return to it without permanently adding it to your bookmarks. This function isn’t precisely secret, although few people are aware of it.

If you’re looking for a simple way to organize your reading list, we’ve got you covered. In order to duplicate a web page, use Shift > Command > D. Just like that, it’s done. The best feature of this free pdf editor is that it syncs your reading list across all of your Apple devices.

4. Play a Game of Chess

How serious of a chess player are you? Then we’re confident that this will be one of your favorite Mac features. The strategy game Chess is pre-installed on every Mac. The chess application can be found in the apps folder. When you get there, you’ll find everything set up for the game.

Either a machine or a human opponent can be chosen to play against. The chessboard’s aesthetic can be customized in the settings menu. You can choose from a variety of materials including glass, marble, and metal.

The game’s difficulty can also be adjusted within the settings menu. You might as well use Deep Blue 5 on the hardest settings. Choose Any Productivity Suite You Like!

5. Take Your Pick of Office Software!

If Windows is all you’ve ever used, you could be comfortable using Microsoft Office. Microsoft Office is, and has been for quite some time, a viable option for Mac users. Apple’s office suite, iWork, will already be loaded on your Mac.

It’s great to have a program that can read and write Microsoft Office files. Look into LibreOffice if you need even more options! This free office suite has all the features you need and is simple to set up. Setapp published a book devoted to helping Mac users become more productive.


Whatever your reason for purchasing a Mac, the first thing you can do after setting it up is make it your own. Unique Mac add-ons include custom die cut stickers. Make your own stickers in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any purpose.

As a designer, you may grab your consumers’ attention using unique stickers. Custom stickers featuring the company logo are a great way to spread brand awareness at conferences.

The flexibility of customization allows Macs to accommodate a wide variety of adornment needs. Rather than just standing there, why not make your own now at