Computer Games for Studying 2023

Even video games and board games can be useful for students. A game cannot replace lessons, but it can be a great addition. Sometimes it can be more useful than homework. For that case, you can use do my homework service.

We have collected several boards and computer games with which you can pump up your knowledge of the school curriculum and take a fresh look at the subjects you don’t like.

Computer Games for Studying 2021


The Benefits of Games For Learning And Communication

Games develop the ability to learn. For example, strategies and puzzles cannot cope without logical thinking, attentiveness, and good memory. And there are games where you need to be creative and imaginative.

Games develop communication skills. During the game, we learn to interact with different people, to agree or defend our position.

1. Hearthstone

Subject: Math.

Hearthstone is a popular online game based on the Warcraft universe. It has a huge variety of collectible cards. There is no story, only competing with other players.

To win in this educational computer game for children, you need to think strategically and count quickly in your mind. The party lasts 15-30 minutes – during this time the player must think through the strategy and calculate all the moves with the numbers on the cards. There is no time to be distracted by a calculator – you have to add, subtract and multiply yourself.

2. Human Resource Machine

Subject: Computer Science.

Human Resource Machine is a puzzle game for novice programmers. It will help you quickly learn the principles of programming.

The player controls a virtual office with commands like copy, move, add, subtract, and more. The people on the screen move as they have been programmed, so it is necessary to think through their actions in advance. Each correct code gets you closer to solving the puzzle. Such an educational game will not bore you for a long time.

3. Civilization

Subjects: social studies, history.

Civilization is a great series of strategies. The player controls his civilization: settling people in villages and cities, developing infrastructure, and extracting minerals. Over time, his people grow stronger, expanding economic and cultural influence. You can play with friends or even a whole team.

Everything in the game is going on familiar from the lessons of history and social studies laws. In the early stages of agrarian society, with the division of labor, strict hierarchy, the need to develop the army. Later, the main condition for development becomes education and the achievements of science. The child learns the whole experience of the development of human civilization and the laws by which it took place in the form of a game.

4. Spore

Subject: Biology.

Spore is a game that illustrates the evolutionary process. It is no substitute for lessons in biology, but it doesn’t pretend to be scientific either. Spore helps you understand the laws of evolution and why it is needed.

The player initially has one cell at his disposal. It swims in the world’s ocean, trying to survive. When it grows into a larger organism, you can add a tail, fins, and barbs. Each new detail affects how the organism will behave. Subsequently, they can be removed. Gradually the player will have an entire civilization. The task is to reach the evolution of the species to build a spaceship and fly into space.

5. The Witness

Items: Any.

The Witness is a mind-blowing game that teaches you not to chase the plot, but to pay attention to detail. The player finds himself on an island full of riddles and puzzles – more than 600 mazes! Everywhere there are monuments of eras from the ancient world to the present day.

The Witness Game

The puzzles are arranged by levels, from the simplest to the most complex. Some puzzles require logic to solve them, others require mental flexibility. These qualities will be useful in studies, will help to solve problems faster and learn new topics.