Colleges Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine With Strict Enforcement Measures

The colleges are taking things very seriously. After the FDA approval was given to the people, the US had been on its move to get those mandates in place so that the people are fully vaccinated. This is indeed a big step towards the vaccination program that had been going on for a few months. This is of course needed for the people. When those people who were refusing to get vaccinated due to uncertainty of the approval, they are also jumping on the wagon to get their Covid Vaccine.

The list of colleges in the United States that are actually mandating the COVID-19 vaccine continues to grow. This is of course a direct result of the FDA approval that was granted full to Pfizer’s two-dose coronavirus shot this week. We have got an article up about that too, so if you did miss the news, go check it out for yourself.

Colleges Mandate COVID-19 Vaccine With Strict Enforcement Measures

This Friday there has been a count and it has been found that they have more than 800 colleges that have made sure that they are enacting this mandate as soon as possible. This is a good source of info that we get from The Chronicle Of Higher Education. The number is legit. And it should not come as a surprise since many of them we’re particularly waiting for this FDA approval.

“I think that having a mandate for all the people in a public place or rather a public school to get vaccinated is a very good idea, the reason we’re allowed to be in person is because of the vaccine,” a student made her statement, she said.

The spokesperson of Ohio State University which has also passed on the mandate has made a comment to the news, “We are all so very much excited for more of a normal year, if that term can be used, although we have to agree that it won’t be completely normal. Of course, we are all in the middle of the pandemic and all of us are still attempting to navigate through it, however the best we can,” Johnson said. What comes next is for us to see, but get that vaccine as soon as possible!