How to Clean Brass

We’re about to go through some of the most effective ways to restore the lustre of brass objects. We’ve shown you how to clean brass with common household chemicals and restore its lustre. Brass artefacts begin to tarnish or corrode over time as a result of exposure to water, oxygen, or any other metal.

However, there is no need to be concerned because there are certain methods for restoring the lustre of these brass things. You may clean these brass objects using our tried-and-true procedures, which only require common household chemicals..


As a result, you won’t need to go to the store to get any more substances to clean your brass things. You only need to put in a little effort to clean brass objects such as doornoobs, hardware, and other decorative items.

First and foremost, you must ensure that the material you are working with is made of brass before proceeding to the cleaning stage. It’s not always evident that a material that appears like brass is truly brass. Because certain items contain merely brass plates and are not genuinely made of brass, various cleaning procedures may cause damage.

A magnet can be used to determine whether the material is brass or not. If the magnet adheres to the object, it is not genuine brass. Before you clean the brass item, check to see if the brass is lacquered.

It is a layer that is applied to brass in order to make it shine and prevent tarnish. Although the lacquered coating can be damaged by most cleaning procedures. As a result, you must take the lacquered object to an expert.

You should also figure out what kind of build-up, stain, or filth is on the object you’re going to clean. Before applying the ingredient to the entire surface, perform a cleaning patch test. To get rid of stubborn stains, use a variety of ingredients on the same area.

However, if the first approach is still incomplete, don’t move on to the next. If you have any doubts about cleaning the brass material or are unsure whether it is real brass or not, you should see a specialist.


What is the Best Way to Clean Brass?

Is your beautiful brass object stained? As a result, we’ve equipped you with some excellent cleaning procedures for your brass objects. Let’s get this party started.

1. Tomato Ketchup

Have you ever considered that ketchup can be used to clean your brass things as well as make your dishes taste better? Ketchup is produced from vinegar, tomatoes, and a variety of spices.

As a result, it is a low-cost and simple method of cleaning brass products. To clean brass material using this procedure, all you’ll need is ketchup and some clean clothing. Simply apply a small amount of ketchup to the part of the brass item that has a stain or spot that is largely visible on the bottom surface.

Allow the ketchup to stay for a few seconds before wiping it away with a moist towel. Carry on using the same procedure for the rest of the item’s surface. After that, dry it well with a clean cloth.

2. Vinaigrette

To remove difficult stains, we’ll use three chemicals that are commonly found in our homes. Common salt, vinegar, and some all-purpose flour are used to thicken the mixture. All you have to do is combine all three ingredients in a medium-sized mixing basin. 12 cup vinegar, 1 tablespoon salt, whisked together until dissolved

Then, to produce a paste, add about 2 tablespoons of flour. Rub this paste onto the stained brass object, then let it cure for a few minutes. After that, wipe it down with a moist towel.

3. Baking Soda and Lemon

Lemon juice and baking soda are the most often used natural cleanser, and they’re also very effective. When they work together, they form a powerful pair capable of removing even the most stubborn stains.

Simply combine lemon juice and baking soda in a bowl and massage the mixture onto metal with a cloth. When necessary, reapply the mixture. Clean the object by wiping it down with a towel or a clean cloth.

Tip: This approach can be used to clean brass items that cannot be submerged in a bowl, such as doorknobs or door handles.

4. Water and Soap

Cleaning brass using a water and soap solution is, as you may know, the easiest and most successful method.

If you don’t have any other ingredients in your house right now, you can make a soap and water solution. They can always be found in the house. Simply soak the brass item in warm water with mild soap.

Soak the brass item in the solution for a few minutes before removing it and cleaning it with a toothbrush or cloth to remove the spots. This solution will work, but it will require some effort on your part. After that, wipe the object down and dry it with a cloth.

5. Toothpaste

As you may be aware, toothpaste contains ingredients that can whiten your teeth and can also be used to clean brass. To clean the brass, simply use any type of toothpaste that isn’t flavoured or gel-based. Apply a tiny layer of toothpaste on the brass object.

Allow it to sit for a few minutes before polishing it with a clean cloth. When rubbing a stubborn stain, you can put forth a little extra effort. You can add more toothpaste if necessary. After cleaning the surface of the brass, simply wash it with clean water and wipe it clean with a clean cloth.


Here, we’ve explored some of the most effective methods for cleaning brass objects using common household substances. You can use any of the ways listed above depending on the quality of your brass or the components you have on hand. I hope that was helpful and that you were able to remove your brass stains properly.