Chenin Blanc From Three Places

Before chardonnay and sauvignon blanc gained in popularity, chinin blanc was a favourite choice for sweet white wines in California around the middle of the 20th century.

Ten years ago, the state’s Chenin Blanc vineyards were rediscovered, piqueing the interest of a new generation of wine enthusiasts.

Chenin Blanc From Three Places


Chenin Blanc From Three Places

You will need to go elsewhere if you want to find chenin blanc in any other location besides Limoux in the Languedoc, where it is a component of the Crémant de Limoux wine blend.

I had planned for us to drink Chenin Blanc from the Dry Creek Valley of California, the Swartland of South Africa, and the Touraine region of France this month.

The tasting’s objective is to provide participants the chance to taste a variety of wines, not to analyse the terroir in great depth. The following three are my recommendations:

A.A.’s 2019 Swartland Chenin Blanc Secateurs $16 for a Badenhorst at Broadbent Selections in Sonoma, California.

Leo Steen’s 2023 Dry Creek Valley Saini Farms Chenin Blanc Retails for $18.

Bernard Baudry Chinon Blanc Le Domaine 2023 is available at Louis/Dressner Selections, New York for $35.

The price of the Baudry may have climbed as a result of President Trump’s tariffs on select European wines and spirits in 2019, but this levy has been suspended for the time being as the United States and Europe work to resolve their trade disputes.

Last Words

Look no further than Ken Forrester and Thistle&Weed, thistle&weed, Raats Family, Mullineux, Storm Point, and Mother Rock, among California producers, as well as Lo-Fi, Field Recordings, Sandlands, and Broc Cellars, Lang&Reed, and Rococo if you are unable to locate these winemakers and are searching for a chenin blanc from South Africa.

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