Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver [RESOLVED]

Sometimes, while working on certain particular applications and games, you might come across Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver error.¬†Generally, users face this issue on upgrading to Windows 10. This problem actually occurs in case Windows 10 has failed to install the correct graphics. In certain cases, the upgraded version ends up installing an incompatible HD Intel driver.

Can't Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver

Actually, OpenGL is a 3D graphics application programming interface. You might often find the Intel graphics card on your system along with the remaining graphics driver. Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver issue generally appears due to the presence of any old version of the Intel graphics card.

To the users who are recently facing Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver error, we suggest them to go through the solutions. There are certain potential fixes that would surely resolve your issue. Go through the methods as stated below to fix the error.


How to Fix Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver Error

Method 1 – Change the Application Version

Many users report the issue as not being any driver incompatibility. In fact, the error appears due to incompatibility in the architecture version of the application. While working on applications of 32-bit from any 64-bit system, you might face the error.

Also, the error appears if the reverse happens. In that case, you need to check your application bit version. If your PC architecture version corresponds to your application bit version, an error can be resolved. To do the same, follow the given steps:

Step 1: Press Windows key + R to get a run command type ‘cmd’. Thereafter, hit Enter to open up a Command Prompt window.

Step 2: In Command Prompt, type ‘wmic os get osarchitecture‘ and press Enter.

Step 3: You thereby get to see the architecture currently used under OSArchitecture.

Step 4: Firstly, check if the application has the required bit version. If the correct version isn’t present, uninstall the previous version. Thereafter, reinstall the correct bit application.

Step 5: After checking onto the required bit application, reboot your system.

After you reboot your system, check if the application runs properly on restart. If the error still prompts on your PC, go through method 2.

Method 2 – Download the Latest Intel Graphics Driver Version

Normally, the older version of the Intel graphics would cause you this error. Luckily, Intel has come up with the latest driver baseline (15.46). This new Driver has updated fixes to specifically resolve the issue.

Hence, Intel has found a confirmed solution to this problem pretty much earlier. Thereafter, you just need to install this latest driver to fix your issue. Follow the given steps to do the same:

Step 1: Visit the link and download the version to be installed.

Step 2: Open the installation executable. Thereafter, follow the prompts shown up on the screen.

Step 3: Reboot your system and check once if the Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver error is resolved.

After formatting your computer, check on the application that came up with the problems. There should be no chances for the error to reappear. If the Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver error still doesn’t get resolved, follow the method 3.

Method 3 – Roll Back to an Older Intel Graphic Driver Version

We would recommend you to follow the above two methods to resolve your issue. If the error still remains then you should revert to an older version. Your system might not be suitable for Intel’s recent generic hotfix.

Also, your PC manufacturer might not have released any specific driver update for your system. Thereafter, the only solution is to get back to your older graphics driver version. You need to check if that version functions properly with your model’s specifications. To revert to the version of your previous graphics, follow the given steps:

Step 1: According to your OS architecture and Windows version, download the Intel Graphics Driver installer.

Step 2: Go through the on-screen prompts on the installer.

Step 3: Finally, reboot your computer after installing the driver.

After you format your system, check if the error has been resolved. This method would surely fix the Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver¬†error.

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Several Windows users face Can’t Find The Name of The Intel ICD OpenGL Driver issue. You just need to diagnose the problems caused. Thereafter, go for the solutions accordingly. You can guarantee a solution to following the above methods. Also, calmly solve the issue and don’t lose patience.