Can’t be Copied Because it is Too Large for the Volume’s Format.

A lot of people transfer their data between computers using USBs and other “Flash” storage devices.

Because they offer much faster transfer speeds than the majority of modern internet connections, flash storages are used. While transferring data to USB storage, many users have reported running into the “The Item can’t be copied because it is too large for the volume’s format” error.

Can’t be Copied Because it is Too Large for the Volume’s Format.

We will go over some of the potential causes of this error in this article and give you a workable fix for it. To avoid any conflicts, be sure to carry out the steps in the precise order that is prescribed.


The “The Item Can’t be Copied Because it is Too Large for the Volume’s Format” Error is Brought on by What?

This error occurs for the following reasons:

  • When they encounter this error, most users assume that either the USB doesn’t have enough space or it has been corrupted or damaged. That is not the case, though. The limitations of the format that the USB drive is using are the cause of this error. All USB drives are initially formatted in the “FAT32” state. Only “4GB” of data can be stored on the drive in this condition. The file cannot be stored if it is larger than “4GB.”

We’ll move on to the solution now that you have a basic understanding of the nature of the issue.

While transferring data larger than “4GB,” users

Solution: Format USB Devices

will encounter the error if the USB device has been formatted in the “FAT32” format. In order to support more storage than “4GB,” we will reformat the device in this step using a different format. in order to

  1. Connect the USB device to a Windows laptop.
  2. Launch “File Explorer” and select “This PC” from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click “Format” by using the right-click menu next to the USB drive’s name.
  4. Select “NTFS” or “exFAT” from the “File System” dropdown by clicking on it.
  5. Select “Start” without making any other selections.
  6. Wait for the format to finish, copy the file to a USB drive, and then check to see if the problem continues.