Cannes Matt Damon Enters Awards Conversation for Stillwater

Tom McCarthy’s second directorial effort, inspired by that stunning image, has yet to be seen.

Oscar-winner Award buzz can be boosted by the word “spotlight” even if it isn’t directly related to the event’s central performance.

Cannes Matt Damon Enters Awards Conversation for Stillwater



On Thursday night, Matt Damon brought some of the most important megastar wattages to the Croisette. Stillwater, a drama by Tom McCarthy, won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival.

if nothing else, a showcase for Damon’s solid, everyday performance. The seasoned actor was thrilled by the opportunity to play a regular guy instead of a villain.

astronaut, assassin, or racing car motive pressure, and completely immersed himself in the role. spirit; he did, in fact, shed a few tears during the film’s 5-minute standing ovation at the Oscars. Palais.

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Even Before the Film Begins

His normal performance stands in for the movie’s best chance to be recognised during award ceremonies.

Damon plays a middle-of-the-road American in Stillwater who finds himself at an extreme France.

He is a hard-working, devout Christian who addresses everyone as “Sir” or “Ma’am.”

also, a gun owner and likely Trump supporter, as the film jokingly notes.

But first and foremost, he’s a single dad who’s down and out since his firstborn child, a girl, died at birth.

daughter in her twenties (Abigail Breslin, an Oscar nominee 15 years ago for Little leave out Sunshine),

has spent a great deal of time behind bars in Marseille for a murder she denies committing (yeah, plenty of time). similar to that of Amanda Knox).

There, he plays the role of the last resort while arguing for her freedom and exoneration — and also, one French girl (Camille Cottin, big name My Agent!) has begun to cause concern.

Together with her 9-year-old daughter (the charismatic Lilou Siauvaud).

Teenage Jodie Foster or Natalie Portman).

According to THR writer David Rooney’s review of the film,

“clunky, old-school, and predictable when it’s no longer astonishing,” as one critic put it, but “all the way through”

actors, especially Damon, do a great job of working around that and keeping it interesting.

Why, out of all McCarthy’s movies released in 2015, is Stillwater the best?

Oscar for Best Picture winner, with the exception of the upcoming Disney+ family film Timmy

Failed attempt: there were errors? It seems excessive to hire four screenwriters. (McCarthy receives credit alongside

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All Contributors to Works by Jacques Audiard

Thomas Bidegain, Noe Debre, and Marcus Hinchey are all contributors to works by Jacques Audiard. What gives

debuting at Cannes not as a part of the competition but instead as an alternative? If it aspires to win accolades, then why isn’t it

being released in theatres across the United States on July 30? (It had been initially planned for a November release.

(It will be released in the year 2020.) And as we move farther into awards season, will Damon promote his

in terms of the film’s performance as a whole, or Ridley Scott’s soon-to-be-released The last Duel?