Trolling, misinformation, and spats that quickly turn political and out of control are some of the worst aspects of social media. However, discussions that take place over the internet have the potential to be both courteous and educational.

Online ConversationsĀ 

As an example, in order to foster an environment in which accurate information can be shared, the Facebook group Vaccine Talk employs both regulations and active moderator participation. On Reddit, there are communities dedicated to debating contentious issues without resorting to personal attacks. “Communities,” a new feature on Twitter, was just created to encourage healthy discourse.


Where are the most productive dialogues taking place, and what can we learn from these places? What is it that these groups are doing so well?

Shira Ovide, the author of On Tech, a subscription-only newsletter, will lead a discussion on the reasons that drive the healthiest communities on the internet. When she visits one of the most popular community sites, she’ll talk to a previous participant on RuPaul’s Drag Race and a top exec from the company.