BTS When They Take Their Anger Out on You

Following Their Anger Experiment: BTS


When Jin: Anger

It’s unusual for SeokJin to vent his frustrations on you. There were times when he would get irritated, but he was able to keep his emotions in check and respond rationally. He, on the other hand, would be mortified by your frightened reaction to his sudden outburst.

After he’d tried to apologise straight away, you hugged him and tried to comfort him of his anxieties without even knowing what they were.

BTS When They Take Their Anger Out on You

When Suga. so Anger

Even if he could beat himself up over it, he’ll never express sorry to you in person, says Suga. He may, however, compose something specifically for you. The only way to know for sure if he was sincerely sorry is to ask him directly.

When J-Hope: Angry

Whenever Hobi became enraged, it was as if the Gods had abandoned you. Not to mention terrifying. While you wouldn’t be surprised if you shed a tear when he lost his cool, he was shocked when you turned your back on him and left him to his own devices. In the future, there would be far more tars than yours.

Rap Monster:

Honestly, he’s a bit of a jerk. That means he had a good reason for being angry with you, which means he saw you as having some responsibility in the situation. I don’t know if you were or were not. If he were to apologise, it wouldn’t be on his own initiative; instead, he’d look for a middle ground where both of you could say you’re sorry.

When JiMin Became Angry

The truth is, if this man were upset at you, you would know to leave him alone for a while. Allow him some breathing room. When JiMin became angry and accidently spilled it on you, you should let him calm off and then talk to him about it, since he was probably already blaming himself for the error.

When V: Anger

To be honest, I don’t think he’d ever get furious, but you’d see it in his eyes when he apologised after yelling at you, and you’d know that he was regretting his actions.

When JungKook Anger

Because it’s a common plot device in K-dramas, JungKook will make an effort to apologise to you “coolly,” but you’ll give him another round of asskicking in return. After that, you would be able to accept his apology.