10 Baby Boy Names with Deep Meaning That Start With L

Have you given birth to your cutest son? So, as he enters the world, he should be given a name with profound meaning! Hence, that chosen name will be a representation of your affection, love, care, blessing, and bond that you share with your newborn.

Amid these 26 alphabets in English, which letter will you prefer the most? If you have been rummaging around baby boy names with deep meaning that start with L, the list has extraordinary ‘L’ names, such as Liam, Luca, Lee, Leo, and many more!

Baby Boy Names with Deep Meaning That Start With L


Significance of Names starting with L and Top 10 Names for Baby Boys

The letter ‘L’ represents symbolic and a major one of celestial and spiritual opulence. Therefore, a baby boy’s name that starts with L demonstrates the massive potential for becoming an achiever who can balance everything in his personal and professional life.

Without wasting much time, give your munchkin a name from CocoFinder list of L names, which manifest the top qualities of benevolence and generosity.

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1. Liam

Being a newborn’s parents, you have the right to opt for a name, which is on the number 1 position in popularity. So, Liam is such a classy name, it originated from German. The American parents love to choose this one over and over for their bundle of joys.

However, the diminutive Irish version of William, ‘Liam,’ is widely recognized due to its charm and profound meaning of ‘protection,’ or ‘will helmet,’ than other counterparts, ‘Will’ or ‘Bill.’

Moreover, ‘Liam’ possesses pop command, and all thanks to rock-and-roll cachet from Liam Gallagher, One Direction’s Liam Payne, and actor Liam Hemsworth.

2. Lucas

A very powerful boy’s name Lucas acquires its significance from the Latin term for ‘light.’ Moreover, it has a deep meaning of ‘the man from Lucania.’

Apart from its German origination, this name comprises three unvoiced harmonics, the first and last letter, ‘L’ and ‘S’ possesses a tough and decisive ‘C’ in the middle. Therefore, Lucas gains massive attention when it’s pronounced or used to summon someone.

Furthermore, its romantic emergence has carried its legacy throughout Europe, various Spanish-speaking countries, and the Mediterranean. ‘Lucas’ has ranked in the top 15 positions!

3. Leighton

The name is more recognized in its ‘Layton’ spelling. Still, it is gradually emerging in popularity in the USA for both genders.

In English culture, ‘Leighton’ means ‘meadow town.’ Therefore, the name becomes highly famous, and it is a baby boy name with deep meaning that starts with L.

You must have heard of an all-time famous footballer Leighton Baines, the politician Leighton Andrews, and the Commander in Chief of the USA’s Navy admiral, Leighton W. Smith, Jr.

It is among the favorite names people are picking from CocoFinder, the famous baby name database, these days.

baby boy name with CocoFinder

4. Luke

Considering 44th popularity, ‘Luke’ was derived from Greek mythology, meaning ‘from Lucanus.’ However, ‘Luke’ is the prime author of the Acts of Apostles and the third Gospel. In the Bible, this name personifies as a friend of St. Paul and physician.

He is one of the patron saints of artists and doctors. Some of its leading variants are Luca, Lucas, Luc, and Luka. However, some cinematic namesakes of Luke include actor Luke Wilson and the Star Wars film actor Luke Skywalker.

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5. Leo

Sometimes you need classy yet shorter first names for your little one! Therefore, none other than the name ‘Leo’ will be a superior choice for parents, which shares a special meaning of ‘Lion.’ Your baby boy will be growing into a brave and rugged personality.

Leo catches our attention due to its Latin origin, and he belonged to the names of saints, emperors, and popes. Leo is the fifth Zodiac sign for the horoscope reader, which has the shape of a Lion. Leo is the diminutive of ‘Leonard,’ ‘Leon,’ and ‘Leopold.’

6. Lorenzo

If you search for some out-of-the-box baby boy names, Lorenzo will be a top-notch name, which means ‘someone from laurentum’ in Spanish.

However, this name is a combination of Spanish and Italian versions and mainly originated from Lawrence, which is a practical and challenging name. Anciently famous figures with a similar name include Lorenzo de Medici. However, it has acquired 266th popularity!

7. Louis

What else could be an apt name for your charming prince than Louis? If you dig deeper into the history, 18 French emperors have had this name, which holds a special meaning of ‘famous warrior.’

Moreover, it is one of the most famous names during the middle ages in Latin. After the end of the 20th century, ‘Louis’ was back in everyone’s demand, and recently it ranked 467th in the naming chart.

8. Leandro

The name ‘Leandro’ is the primary variant of Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian of the English term ‘Leander.’ A perfect amalgamation of two Latin words, ‘Leo’ means ‘Lion’ and ‘Andro’ means ‘man.’

So, a mighty name means ‘lion man,’ which demonstrates its bearers have immense potential. Apart from its masculine meaning, Leandro possesses a romantic history, which has caught everyone’s attention.

9. Lee

If you are fonder of a unisex name, ‘Lee’ could be a top-notch choice for every parent out there. Moreover, ‘Lee’ is a significant preference if you seek something, which sounds at once conventional yet contemporary, but not newly-minted.

Its English origin approves this one as a first name for boys, which means ‘meadow,’ and ‘pasture.’ Therefore, your baby boy will love this one!

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10. Leroy

It is a French-originated name, which showcases a potential meaning, such as ‘the king.’ Leroy’s heyday was in the 20th century when it belonged to the USA’s top 100 until 1949.

Therefore, as a consequence, it is a bit of an old-fashioned baby boy’s name, which is mainly seen as a father or grandfather’s name. Apart from its drastic fall off in the popularity charts, it has not entirely been eliminated yet!

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Concluding Words

You must have been wondering where to get fantastic baby boy names! So, the aforementioned top 10 list has indeed guided you to pick out a perfect name for your adored child.

All those enlisted names are notable in their unique ways and possess a universal charm. It is expected that you will opt for the best one for your little one.