Who is “Bow Wow Daughter”

Shai Moss, daughter of acclaimed rapper Lil’ Bow Wow, has been catching the public eye since her early childhood.

Known for her adorable looks, talent, and the charisma she inherits from her famous father, Shai Moss has become a young star on social media. This detailed article delves into her life, including her age, height, unique style, and burgeoning social media presence.

Bow Wow Daughter


Shai Moss: Age and Height

Born on April 27, 2011, to Bow Wow and Joie Chavis, Shai Moss has grown up under the media’s scrutiny. As of 2023, she is 12 years old, demonstrating maturity and charisma that exceed her tender age. While her exact height is subject to the typical fluctuations associated with growth spurts, Shai’s youthful charm remains constant.

Signature Style: Braids

Just like her father, Shai has embraced braids as part of her unique style. Her braided hairstyles, often showcased on her mother’s Instagram, speak volumes about her vibrant personality and are reminiscent of her father’s iconic early-career look.

Shai Moss’s Birthday

Shai’s birthdays are typically celebrated in a grand manner and often make the rounds on social media. Photos and videos from her parties offer glimpses into the joyous occasions, marked by unique themes, elaborate decorations, and heartwarming family moments.

Dancing: A Shared Passion

Shai Moss’s love for dancing has been well documented on social media, and it’s clear she’s inherited her father’s penchant for performing. Videos of her dance routines, often shared by her parents, showcase her talent and her unwavering confidence.

Shai Moss on TikTok

Shai Moss has made waves on the popular social media platform TikTok, showcasing her vivacious personality and talent. Her entertaining dance videos, hilarious skits, and candid moments make her TikTok content a delight for her growing number of followers.

Where is Shai Moss Now?

As of 2023, Shai Moss continues to reside with her mother, Joie Chavis, and spends quality time with her father, Bow Wow. She is enjoying her preteen years, exploring her talents, and gradually stepping into the limelight with her social media activities.

Shai Moss on Instagram

Shai Moss’s Instagram, managed by her mother, offers a peek into her daily life, hobbies, and family moments. From adorable selfies and photoshoots to clips of her dance performances, her Instagram profile is a testament to her growing popularity.


Shai Moss, although young, is carving a niche for herself with her individual style, talent, and charisma. Her journey, from being known primarily as Bow Wow’s daughter to becoming a beloved young social media presence, is truly admirable.

As she continues to grow and explore her potential, fans worldwide are eager to see what this bright, young star will achieve next.