Billions Midseason-Premiere Recap Keep it Hygge

It’s time to turn up your Boomer-rock playlists now that Billions is back.

Tom Petty and the Velvet Underground are excited about Axe Cap’s return after joining the Roy family in an apparent indefinite hiatus due to COVID-19 14 months ago.


Let’s start by Talking about the most Obvious Problem: Chuck Rhoades’s new Appearance!

I’m joking, but I’ll explain that later. Of course, it’s how a story that was initially developed before COVID isolated the planet a year and a half ago is immediately reintroduced into Billions. When filming was halted in March 2020, there were just seven episodes of season five left to shoot.

Billions Midseason-Premiere Recap Keep it Hygge

According to Showtime, “Copenhagen,” the eighth episode, was finished filming two days before the closing. Billions has been filming seasons 5 and 6 simultaneously since March of this year to make up for missed time.

There will probably be more private times in “Copenhagen” than there have been in the past because of COVID safety regulations.

Rapid Loss

The tragic death of Peaky Blinders actress Helen McCrory, who was married to Damian Lewis, in April 2021 presented another challenge to bringing Billions back to our televisions after such a long absence.

Lewis filmed parts of the scenes in the UK, but Bobby Axelrod still manages to destroy his opponents thanks to some TV magic.

Is COVID in the Upcoming Series?

a tiny amount. Setting the tale in the months of January and February of 2020 would be prudent because the most recent episode, which aired in June of 2020, mentioned the “coronavirus,” and the next episode will feature a telling line of dialogue.

Copenhagen occurs a few days after “The Limitless Sh*t,” placing us in the midst of the majority of the season’s major plotlines. As a quick review/to-do list:

  1. Kill Mike Prince with an axe. 2. 2. destroy Make Axe Cap a bank account.

Father requires a kidney. Chuck: 1. At all costs, the Dark Passenger must be kept at bay.

2. Give Charles Sr. a kidney donation. Don’t let your wounds win.

I need to persuade my melancholy artist spouse to embrace his money without letting it corrupt him.

show my generation that I am more knowledgeable and intelligent than they are.

Catherine Brant and Chuck Brant’s Off-Screen Divorce

Just a few days after Corey Stoll’s deca-billionaire Mike Prince was appointed ambassador to Denmark, Chuck and Catherine Brant separated off-screen (since Chuck wasn’t a fan of threesomes).

Whatever the reason for Margulies’s resignation, Eric Schneiderman, the attorney general of New York, may now concentrate on the third act of the season without having to worry about Chuck’s Yale teaching coming to an end.

Chuck has a valid defence for his change in appearance thanks to the conscious separation. We’ll continue to examine Chuck’s goatee removal even though Paul Giamatti appears unnaturally thin and has a redder than grey top, similar to how Allan Havey’s Karl Allard did.

Wendy’s Love Story

Tanner is taking advantage of his newfound fortune, much to Wendy’s displeasure, so it seems like things aren’t going well for those who have been following Wendy and Nico Tanner’s relationship.

Coming from someone who earned $9 million the previous year, this is a tad hypocritical. At least until cameo-of-the-week Jason Isbell tells him that the Axe Cap brothers view him as nothing more than a commodity in his inner Lester Bangs.


Taylor is who you’re stuck with when you’re in mediocre-storyline hell. Rian is given a lot of attention because she dared to live a life separate from Taylor Mason Carbon.

Rian’s act of resistance, working catering jobs to stay in her friends’ close-knit group, must yet be regarded as meriting a job evaluation.

Final Words

Serving mock-tuna wraps at a Bail Project event while Rian, an analyst for Mase Carb, is on duty is a bad look for the firm since it implies that Taylor is underpaying him.