It was announced earlier according to Joe Biden’s administration goal and plan that at least 70% of Americans will be vaccinated by one or two of the doses of the Coronavirus vaccine by the 4th of July. However, it now seems that it won’t be possible after all. The administration team has announced on Tuesday, 22nd June, that this plan is falling short, and at the rate that it had been going, the goal set won’t be reached.

White House Covid czar Jeff Zients is set to announce that the administration has met the 70% mark for those ages 30 years and older and is on track to hit it for those 27 and older by July 4. However, those under 27 and above 18 won’t be making it on to the list of the people who are vaccinated before the 4th of July. This was initially the plan which had been set by Biden in early May. However, this is falling behind by around a few percentages.

Biden's Vaccination Goal Likely To Fall Short

The current status that had been relayed by the administration team of Biden is that they have been successful in administering at least one dose of the Covid 19 vaccine in around 65% of the adults. This is 5% less than the targeted mark.

Zients will insist that the White House has “succeeded beyond our highest expectations” in its vaccination program. We must also agree with the fact that the rate of vaccination indeed did increase after the decision that was taken by the American President in the early days of May. We must now wait and see what the future hold. Time is of the essence here.