Biden’s New Covid Vaccine Plan

Biden is once again going to push on the citizens of the US to get the vaccine to protect themselves from the coronavirus. The previous plan to vaccinate at least 70% of the population of the US by the 4th of July failed, and thus the new plan has to be implemented soon enough.

The delta variant is not a joke. It is more contagious than the other previous variants of the coronavirus before. So in order to protect ourselves from the dangerous virus, the vaccine is the last line of defense, and that is what the President and his team is trying to convey.

Biden's New Covid Vaccine Plan

The team also aims to expand mobile clinic efforts and will work to refine door-to-door outreach efforts to get information about vaccines to Americans who have yet to get their shots. “Our focus now is on doubling down on our efforts” to get more people vaccinated, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said at a briefing Tuesday afternoon.

“There’s still more work to be done,” Psaki said, before noting that “the vast, vast majority of people are safe from the virus” once they are vaccinated. “If you are not vaccinated, you are not. That is also a message that we’re going to continue to clearly communicate,” she said.

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There are currently 157 million people in the U.S. who are fully vaccinated, which is less than half of the total population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data. Among people in the U.S. ages 18 and up, the CDC’s percentage for those fully vaccinated rises to 58.2%, and it stands at 78.7% among those ages 65 or older, who face the greatest risk from Covid.

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“I don’t think it’s going to be a raging epidemic across the country like we saw last winter. I think that there’s going to be pockets of spread, and prevalence overall is going to pick up,” Gottlieb said on “Squawk Box.”