11 Best Subreddits You Should Subscribe to in 2023

There are several communities on Reddit. This app is the self-proclaimed front page for the internet. You can find anything here. And by anything we mean anything. It’s an interesting place. So we are going to find out some best Subreddits that you should look out for and subscribe to.

Best Subreddits


11 Best Subreddits You Should Subscribe to in 2023

We aren’t joking. You can find literally all kinds of communities on Reddit. Now you need to know How to get through the pile of bogus nonsense and get to the good stuff. Not everyone gets it at first. So we are here with the 11 Best Subreddits You Should Subscribe to in 2023. Let’s get into it.

1. r/Futurology

I think it’s pretty much obvious that it’s about future technology that the world is currently working on. This one is all about the sexiest, biggest, and most ambitious technologies that the entire world is now working on. Some of the things that they will have on this subreddit are Exoskeletons, biohacking, transhumanism, space travel, gene therapy, etc.

2. r/Nonononoyes

This is an interesting one. Here people usually post video clips of something Where everything appears to be going to go horribly wrong but somehow at the last moment the disaster is averted by a miracle of some sort.

You can not know what you will find here but one thing is for certain. It will always be entertaining. It can actually be anything ranging from car accidents being averted or maybe some human narrowly escaping a predator. The range is wide open.

3. r/Gifs

This is a default subreddit that we could not simply ignore. It is one of the largest and the most active subreddit on Reddit. You will find lots of content here from all over the world. This is what makes it so great and special.

In a day, it will give you updates about what is happening all over the world as well as the internet. Viral video clips are always found here. No matter what happens someone is always going to upload a clip regarding that here. It is so great that you can keep up your info and also get entertainment at the same time.

4. r/MemeEconomy

This is a funny subreddit. The members here talk about memes like they are stocks and shares. They will discuss which meme is going to become popular in the near or distant future. It is a highly recommended subreddit if you are interested in jokes and memes. It is also a good platform for social commentary. You are absolutely going to love it.

5. r/Books

If you are a bookworm then you are going to love this subreddit. It has got the discussion going on about all the recent books. They are also suggesting the best books out now. Discussion on classical and modern literature is always going on here.

You can also join in the discussion if you so want. This is a decent community where they require you to have basic human decency. You will really enjoy this if you are a book lover. Personally, it’s one of our favorites.

6. r/Games

Want to discuss video games? Then get into this subreddit. It might not be very popular but it is a hidden gem. There is a strong moderation that goes on in here. Mass hysteria can break out now and then but this subreddit has a lot of strict rules and strong moderation, so it is always more or less civil and decent. If you are truly a fan of video games then you will love it.

7. r/Nutrition

Well, nutrition is important for us. It has never been more in trend than now. You can join this subreddit to explore the world of good health and nutrition. It keeps you up to date with the new nutrition plans and tidbits that it can get.

It can also help you select diet plans and some other goals about nutrition that you may have. There are also success stories of others that you can read for motivation.

8. r/LifeHacks

Who doesn’t like life hacks?  We all want no we all need life hacks. It is an absolutely fun community that posts about life hacks that you will need. We guess it is pretty much clear from the name.

There are at times some life hacks that will fail to work (or maybe we are doing it wrong) but overall it is a decent enough subreddit. They are gaining popularity day by day. Just go check it out. You might just find something very useful there.

9. r/Aww

Having a bad day or a rough day? Well, this subreddit community will never fail to put a smile on your face. It has every wholesome thing that you can ever think of. Cute dog? Wholesome moments? Beautiful flowers? We have got it all here.

There is a reason it’s named aww. You will literally go aww when you look at the uploads of this particular Reddit sub. Our absolute favorites are generally the cute animal pictures and the wholesome moments. Everyone needs to subscribe to this subreddit. We are not even joking. Just do it already. You won’t regret it.

10. r/Technology

We had to add this too in the list otherwise the list won’t be complete. The one subreddit is known to be one of the most active subreddits on the entire site. This is mainly due to the rapid advancements that are going on in the world of technology.

If you like to keep yourself up to date with the technology of the world then this is a must for you. Just go and subscribe to it as soon as possible if you have not done so by now. It is pretty much popular to be perfectly clear.

11. r/FoodPorn

I mean seriously who doesn’t love food? We have saved the best for the last. If you are into food and cooking you will love this subreddit. This might probably be the first subreddit that we subscribed to when we opened the account. It contains recipes for a lot of goods.

You can also see various food pictures here. You can also upload your food pictures of course. The community is delicious, to be honest. We highly recommend this. Do not miss out on this one folk. You might just find all types of delicious food recipes here.


Thank you so much for reading this article. Hope we have done justice to this one. It was really fun writing this article, to be honest. We really enjoyed searching for a good and not any default subreddit that we knew that people are bound to enjoy.

Hope that you found some you will enjoy too in the above-mentioned list. If you liked this article then please do so recommend this article to others too. We highly appreciate the action. Thank you so much once again. Have a great day!