5 Best Discord Bots For Any Server

Discord is used by people for chatting through audio, videos, and texts. Servers can be created and people can meet and hang out by joining these servers. There are different types of servers created by specific communities or friend groups. Some are used for private purposes like inviting close friends and communities to stay in touch while others are open (public) communities that have specified topics for discussion or conversation or playing games.

Users can directly message other users or start a voice or video call for a one-on-one conversation. Discord bots are artificial intelligence that is useful for a wide range of automated actions like sending invitations to friends, banning troublemakers; add music or games to your server.

To create an engaged community discord bots are very useful. Some bots improve your server and make it engaging while wrong ones can create the poor environment and turn away the audience. Here is a list of the 5 best discord bots for any server.


1. MEE6

MEE6 is one of the best Discord bots that brings moderation, integration to popular sites, entertainment, and some utility features. It can be used to automatically scan chats on the Discord server and allows you to know rule violations or actions that might lead to heated arguments.

Discord BotsMEE6 dashboard has multiple necessary features needed by your server like playing music, welcoming new members, custom commands or assigning levels, and so on. Its announcement function is very helpful for streaming and creating content. Moreover, the music player is top-notch which allows playing music and managing customized playlists.

You can also set up challenges for members and they can cast votes on replaying or skipping music. It also keeps you updated regarding activities of members taking place on discord like members getting banned, warned, muted, kicked out, and more.MEE6 is a cost-free bot but also has a premium version that costs a few bucks and provides extra features in return.

2. Dank Memer

Dank memer is a meme bot that helps in pulling the right meme or sarcasm in a conversation. There are tons of easy ways to generate memes and it has a collection of top-class daily memes. It has a unique global currency system that allows you to earn coins, steal from, or gamble with other users.

It is considered one of the best features of dank memer as it allows multiple user participation and they can show off their wealth. It is a multipurpose bot where you can also play games. It has got many user friendly commands like utility command, fun command, animal command and config command. It has over 20M users. For premium servers there is auto posting meme webhooks.

3. Helper.gg

Helper.gg is a ticket bot which is designed to connect you and your client. There are number  of  features that you can have access to without paying a penny, some of them are ticket command, rename command, remove command, add command, help command, close command, change help command variable, change support roles, enable/disable everyone on ticket etc.

Helper.gg is a multifaceted, highly advanced Discord integration. Ticket tags are panel embeds, the ability for users to click a button, or an emoji and a ticket is created. Helper.gg can generate both manual and automated transcripts. Helper.gg can skill your server immensely.

4. Octave

Octave is one of the best music bots that lets you play songs from YouTube and other sites. It helps in creating an exclusive playlist, shuffle or jump to the song. It’s a high-quality bot which is very simple to use. It delivers high quality music or audios to numerous servers with lyrics being displayed.

Although octave is free it has a premium feature that lets you unlock longer queues and track lengths, control filter, customize playlists and so on. Octave premium is available for $5,$10 or $20/month. The general commands used in Octave are help, guide, invite, ping, remind me, Google (query),guild, redeem, donate, quote command etc.

Other than this there are many music commands in the Octave bot like play, pause, stop, skip, remove, move, shuffle, restart, repeat, volume, jump , YouTube, sound cloud, etc. Not only this, there are many fun commands, setting commands and media commands also.

5. IdleRPG

IdleRPG is a text-based roleplaying gaming bot that helps you in creating characters of your own with their race and class. You can create a community where you can play with other users. You can go on quests with them and trade fantastical items. Battles can be fought and you can also get married to other players.

In short, you can create an imaginative world of your own and interact with a lot of people. Like any other bot, IdleRPG also has several commands, out of which some are free while some can be bought by donating to bots Patreon.

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Discord has made it easy to hang out and spend time with friends and strangers. You can get special powers and set up private channels. To get an enjoyable experience bots are needed. The above-listed bots supremely add to your server.

To set up any bot on discord an invite link is available on its official site through which you can invite the bot and then select the required server in which the bot is to be added. After granting permissions, fill a captcha to make sure you are not a robot, and click on authorize button you are ready to use the bot. Skill your server with these super cool OG bots.