How To Become A Domain Registrar

Experts are of the view that the domain arena is one of the most lucrative fields in the digital industry out there. However, making profits from the same is not as easy as it appears. Some entrepreneurs have made big money out of it, while some are struggling.

However, at the outset, it is important to note that one of the key roles in the handling of the domain is played by the domain registrar. Essentially, a domain registrar is an individual who has been certified to register the name of the domain. They also administer the provision of domain services.

How To Become A Domain Registrar


How To Become A Domain Registrar

Becoming a domain registrar can be beneficial. Thus, here are some of the steps to become the domain registrar.

1. Learn About The Accreditation

The first step is to learn about accreditation. The agency which all domain registrars go through is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. You can go through different components which include the fees. Domain registrars are required to pay a heavy sum of money just to start the process.

2. Look For Other Accreditations

It is imperative to look for other accreditations as well. Other rules are also applicable to domain registrars. This may include country code domain registries and generic top-level domains. In order to obtain complete accreditation, you may also need to go through other companies. This includes VeriSign. Looking for other accreditations is an important step that you must take into account at all times.

3. Study The Business of Domain

There are many platforms where you can study the business of domain, such as Wannafind. To understand the idea of domain registration, or whether some other role might be appropriate for you, you should get more knowledge on the subject of handling domain names.

You may choose to go in the field of selling or buying domain names or into the Internet real estate business. You should be familiar with all potential options before you try to become a domain registrar.

4. Learn About The Relevant Rules

Before becoming a domain registrar, it is important that you are familiar with the relevant rules on this subject. There are different provisions that would apply to the task of beginning up as a registrar of the domain.

Learn About The Relevant Rules

Found about the liability insurance. Some registrars are required to have adequate liability insurance in place. You should also be familiar with IP address requirements. This is essential in order for you to provide services in relation to domain names.

5. Work Towards Domain Registrar Objectives

If you are entering primarily into the domain registrar business, most of the time will be invested in understanding the regulations which will apply to domain names. If you are planning to be an employee of a domain registrar, search for different telecommunication companies.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a domain registrar is fruitful, however, it is a long process. Above are the steps that you need to be familiar with in order to become a domain registrar.