The Beauty of Teeth

Smiling is often viewed as the source of beauty in both men and women. Most people would agree that a beautiful set of teeth can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a smile. Beautiful teeth can change people’s perception of an attractive face. Social media celebrities are obsessed with having the perfect set of teeth, especially on Instagram. 

You can also be an Instagram celebrity with two tools: SocialWick to get more followers, and a killer smile to keep them coming! But first, let’s examine what makes teeth beautiful.

The Beauty of Teeth


What Constitutes A Beautiful Set Of Teeth

Several factors come into play when determining the beauty of teeth. The easiest to manipulate is hygiene. Proper dental hygiene can reduce discoloration and avoid cavities or even teeth falling out. Besides color, and a full set of teeth, these are also things that can affect the beauty of teeth:

  • Bite refers to the way the upper and lower teeth align. Both an overbite and an underbite are considered unappealing, and a perfect bite (as per dentists’ assessment) is always the winner in beauty. The ideal bite is when the jaw is aligned, and upper molars fit into the grooves of the lower molars. 
  • Alignment is the way each individual tooth stands in line with its neighbors. Crooked teeth are usually undesirable, and people spend large sums of money getting braces to solve this problem. 

Teeth play an important role in the beauty of a smile and facial features. Alignment of the jaw and individual teeth, as well as good dental hygiene, are a must for beautiful teeth.

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The Effect of Stress on Teeth

Stress is a normal physiological reaction of the body that manifests as a psychological form of pain. However, high-stress levels are associated with a vast number of diseases and can even impact dental health.

The Effect of Stress on Teeth

Bad Oral Hygiene

One of the worst things people can do to their teeth is neglecting them. Stress and anxiety often lead to people ignoring their hygiene in general, especially dental hygiene. Teeth require daily cleaning (brushing, flossing) that, when skipped, can lead to a multitude of diseases such as gingivitis, cavities, pericoronitis, and many others. 

Teeth Grinding

This condition is common among people who lead stressful lives. Repeatedly clenching jaws and rubbing teeth against each other causes many dental problems. If left untreated, many long-lasting conditions that require medical intervention may develop. These include wearing down teeth, jaw joint inflammation, and sleep disorders.

Treatment of teeth grinding may require psychotherapy or the use of special mouthpieces. The trickiest part about teeth grinding is that people are often unaware of it, especially if they suffer from sleep bruxism (grinding teeth while asleep). 

Anxiety triggers and increased stress have a serious negative impact on dental health, often causing chronic conditions. Treatment of stress is an important step in treating dental conditions such as bruxism.

Habitual teeth grinding

People who unconsciously press their teeth against each other and clench their jaws habitually are said to have bruxism. Many people do this during their sleep and may not be aware of it until symptoms (such as headaches, earaches, or jaw pain) develop. 

Prognosis Of Untreated Teeth Grinding

Additionally, repeated grinding can wear down teeth, causing serious dental problems, and may even cause pain in the joints of the jaw (known as temporomandibular joint and muscle disorder)


Although it is not fatal, it is often indicative of some form of stress or mental disorder. A study conducted in Quebec, Canada, showed that around 8% of the population suffered from sleep bruxism, and almost half reported disrupted sleep patterns. 

Medications can sometimes lead to teeth grinding, especially SSRI (a type of antidepressant). Also, people who consume alcohol, use drugs, or smoke are more likely to suffer from bruxism. 

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The easiest way to avoid teeth grinding is to use a mouth guard during sleep. Some physicians recommend psychotherapy as a treatment, and many patients report positive results.

Teeth grinding might not be a major issue in one’s health, but with time it can cause serious damage. Thus, it should be avoided and treated before any complications arise.