B. Burrows Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The United States won the bronze medal in the inaugural Olympic mixed team trap tournament thanks to Maddy Bernau’s winning shot in a shoot-off with Slovakia.

After 20 strokes, Bernau and B. Burrows took an early 18-17 lead. Bernau missed three of her next five shots, allowing Slovakia to advance.

B. Burrows Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


B. Burrows Olympic Games

The Slovakian team lost its advantage after Zuzana Stefecekova, the individual gold medallist, missed three of her final five shots, giving Slovakia a final score of 42 out of 50. This offered Bernau a chance to clinch the match, but she missed.

Bernau quickly regained her composure, and when Stefecekova missed again in the shoot-off, Bernau capitalised on her second attempt and smiled wildly.

B. Burrows, who placed twelfth in the men’s trap competition, hit 23 of 25 targets in the final round. Bernau hit 19.

Bernau, a 23-year-old participant, placed eighth in the women’s solo event, missing the final by one spot. Kayle Browning, a fellow American shooter, placed second in that event, but she and Derrick Mein struggled in qualifying and finished thirteenth.

Spain and San Marino each scored lower scores than the final participants in the gold medal match, with Fatima Galvez and Alberto Hernandez of Spain prevailing 41-40. Alessandra Perilli, who won the first medal for the tiny nation of San Marino in women’s trap, and Gian Berti earned the first medal for San Marino as a team.

Haldeman Won the Men’s Trap Gold and Silver Medals

Tuesday, July 30 during the Pan American Games in Lima, Peru, B. Burrows and Derek Haldeman won the Men’s Trap gold and silver medals, respectively. In addition to their medals, the pair won Olympic quotas for the United States for the Tokyo 2020 games.

Since 2008, the United States has not sent athletes to the Olympic Games for Men’s Trap. After the outstanding performances of B. Burrows and Haldeman, the United States now has a complete shotgun team for the XXXII Olympiad in Tokyo in 2020.

Haldeman missed four of 25 targets, while B. Burrows missed five. Haldeman held a one-target advantage through target number 35, but B. Burrows took over after Haldeman failed to connect on four of his final five attempts. B. Burrows secured the gold medal with a three-goal advantage in the last round.

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