5 Ways to Avoid Traffic Fines in Dubai in 2023

Dubai has a great infrastructure, especially the smooth roads. These roads make the drive even more fun for the driver. But you must be very cautious while driving in Dubai. Dubai has a strict policy against traffic violations that can lead to huge fines and suspension of driving license for a certain period.

The smooth drive can even push a professional driver to forget about the traffic rules now and then. Your driving record depends on your black points. Each traffic violation carries a certain number of black points. Once a driver has 24 black points, his driver’s license gets suspended for a certain period.

Avoid Traffic Fines in Dubai


5 Ways to Avoid Traffic Fines in Dubai in 2021

To help you avoid traffic fines in Dubai, here are few tricks for you to follow. Read them carefully especially if you are visiting Dubai for the first time. We suggest you Rent A Car Dubai along with a chauffeur if you are new in Dubai to avoid fines and penalties.

1. Never Drive and Use Mobile at the Same Time

Driving a car requires complete and total concentration on the road. The accident can happen even if you take your focus away from the road, even for a moment. This part becomes even more crucial while you are driving a high-speed vehicle.

Driving a vehicle and using a mobile phone at the same time is inviting an accident. It is one of the leading causes of the accident. There will be a heavy fine imposed on you, along with 12 black points and even confiscation of your vehicle in some cases.

There are various activities that you are not allowed to do while driving. They include eating, drinking, or wearing sunglasses at night. So, while you are in Dubai driving a car, try to avoid all these activities.

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2. Do Not Run Away from A Traffic Accident

If you think that causing an accident is bad, then running from an accident spot after you have been in one is even worse. Drivers tend to run away from the scene with the hopes that you will not be caught by the officials.

But that is not the case. The traffic police will track you and you will be forced to pay a huge amount of fine once you are caught. The fine is 800 AED for LTV and 1000 AED for HTV.

It is not only for causing an accident, but you should also not run away after causing any traffic violation.

3. Do not Drive under Influence of Drugs

It is one of the most serious traffic violations that can be committed in Dubai. When you are driving under the influence of drugs, there is a huge chance that you might cause an accident. This becomes harmful for you and the passengers in your car.

To discourage this behavior among drivers, the officials take strict actions to implement it. You will not only be forced to pay a fine but can also be jailed for this violation. If a person is caught driving while drinking, 23 black points are added to his driving record.

4. Do not Cross the Speed Limits

Speed limits are there for your safety. They are determined after an extensive study on the road and traffic conditions. So, if you are breaking the speed limit, the probability of an accident happening is quite high.

To make sure that you never have to drive fast, leave early for your trip. It helps you get to your destination on time while driving patiently.

If your car’s speed is way higher than the limit, you will have to pay a fine of 3000 AED and your vehicle will be confiscated.

5. Stick to Your Lane

When you abruptly change your traffic lane, the driver behind you can easily get puzzled and lose control of his vehicle. It can quickly turn into a huge accident. It has made deviating from your lanes an illegal act in Dubai.

Stick to Your Lane

You can get jail time for this violation too. If you are caught changing lanes, you will have to pay a fine of 1000 AED, and 4 black points are added to your license.

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When you are new to Dubai, you can easily fall prey to these traffic violations and must pay the huge fines that come with them. If you follow these tricks, you will surely not face any fines in Dubai. Not only will these tricks help you stay safe from the fines, but you will also be safe from any traffic accidents for the duration of your stay in Dubai.

Hiring a chauffeured vehicle in Dubai can save you from a lot of trouble. You can look for any cheap car rental Dubai agency and ask them to provide a chauffeur as well.  The chauffeurs are highly trained and know the rules and routes very well so this way you can stay away from many troubles.