7 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS in 2023

Augmented Reality(AR) is becoming a new revolution in the e-commerce industry. I agree photos and videos give us a good idea about any item.

But have you ever wondered what if you can test the item virtually? Now you don’t need to imagine and order things randomly. You can see it virtually, how it looks on you or in your home. So, be ready for enjoying Augmented Reality Apps on Android or iOS.


What is Augmented Reality?

The term Augmented Reality indicates the interactive experience of the real world, by adding some virtual things into it. It is achieved by stimulating visual, auditory, etc. senses.

Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented reality technology is used in games like Pokémon Go. Where people search for virtual Pokémon. Likewise, shopping industries too are experimenting with this technology.

There are applications available for Android and iOS. In those apps, you can check things virtually. You can decide whether they are suitable for you or not.

Simply, it is an option of trying shopping items before you buy them. And the exciting thing is you don’t need to leave your comfort zone.

7 Best Augmented Reality Apps For Android And iOS In 2022

It’s a new technology so it might be difficult for you to choose a perfect app for you. But don’t worry! We have mentioned some information along with the names of these 7 Augmented Reality apps.

1. Houzz

Suitable for iOS 4.7 and Android 4.6. Houzz is the best app for decorating your home and interior designing. On this platform, you can find all types of home goods and furniture.

Houzz uses e-commerce technology and allows you to shop things virtually. There is a “View in My Room” feature. You can capture a photo of any room where you want to add a new item. Now the app will show you how the item looks in your room which you have bought virtually. Now, if you like it you can buy it.

You can do many experiments with different angles and shopping products. There is one more interesting feature in Houzz. It allows you to see pictures under different lights.

2. IKEA Place

Suitable for iOS 4.7 and Android 3.7. IKEA Place is also focused on home goods. It uses Augmented Reality technology to provide a virtual view of the customer’s home. It is compatible with Android and iOS.

An interesting thing about IKEA Place is, it considers the bigger picture. You can take a photo of your entire floor and drag and drop whatever item you want. You can choose the items in the app itself. Isn’t it amazing? Shopping has become a game with Augmented Reality technology.

3. YouCam Makeup

Suitable for iOS 4.8 and Android 4.6. As the name suggests YouCam Makeup uses AR technology for Makeup products. No doubt it is the favorite app of women.

You can capture your photo/ selfie and virtually try different Makeup products on it. like you can put lipstick, eyelashes, eyeliner, foundation, and many other products in the app. YouCam Makeup gives you the same tone and shades from various brands.

Makeup is a complex term for women. But now with AR apps, it is easy to experiment with your looks. Girls are liking this new Makeup app.

4. GIPHY World

Suitable for iOS 4.6 and Android 4.2. If you are interested in experimenting with new things, GIPHY World is perfect for you. It has some features of Snapchat. GIPHY World used animated GIFs with AR technology.

This turns out to be a wonderful and colorful 3D creation. You can use it to make your product photos more interesting.

You should try GIPHY World for your online shops. It has the capacity of attracting more people.

5. Google Lens

Suitable for Android 4.5. This is the new update in Android. You can say it is the revolution for searching.

We used to type for searching anything. However, Google Lens allows you to search by images. You need to just put the app in front of whatever you want to know about. It will automatically recognize the thing and give you information about it.

More to the information Google Lens can save important text and numbers from the image. If the image is about a shopping product, it will suggest you opt for shopping it.It is also available in the google photos app and virtual assistant. The iOS users can use the Google Lens in Google Photos.

6. Augment

Suitable for iOS 4.7 and Android 4.1. Augment is another app focused on goods. It uses AR technology for innovating the e-commerce industry.

Augment allows e-commerce store owners to create Augmented images of their products. So that customers can enjoy a real-life-like shopping experience.

Owners can display these images on apps and websites. Where he can attract more customers and increase sales.


Suitable for iOS 3.8 and Android 4. ROAR uses AR technology from a business point of view. It provides so many features for store owners and customers. ROAR has enhanced the selling as well as the buying experience.

Business owners are using AR technology in many ways. It is possible to create an online AR store, add AR into a print ad and even owners can verify which item is selling fast and more after experiencing through AR.

However, ROAR provides many features for customers too. Customers can experience how the product actually looks at their place. Along with this, they can see pricing and reviews of a product. Even they can buy the product if they want.

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We were familiar with Augmented Reality in games. Bringing this technology into the shopping industry has enhanced people’s experience. They can virtually see what is suitable for them and whatnot.

These 7 apps will help you to enjoy the AR technology for shopping for home goods, makeup products, and many more.