5 Best Audio Editing Software

Good software for editing especially the audio can be stressful as it is difficult with all the new technology. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages some are compatible while some are efficient. Below are some of the audio software that is supposed to be the best for use and worth the money and hassle.

Audio Editing Software


5 Best Audio Editing Software

1. Adobe Audition

Adobe’s Audition is one of the most reliable options for editing audio. It has some unique features making it distinct. It is good for both people who are intermediates and who are professional too. The interface is also very user-friendly and supports a wide array of formats to stream or play.


  • Diverse variety available
  • The user interface is clean and neat
  • Comfortable to operate for those who are very prevalent in voice-over.


  • It is very complex for absolute beginners as options are a little complex.
  • If interest is leaned towards music production then it is not a good option.
  • It needs a subscription to operate

2. Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is one of the most preferred apps for video editing but it is only available for mac0S. It isn’t as widely used as it is only available for apple products. It is a very smooth and sorted app and has some of the most exciting features incorporated into it.

It has all the base functions that make an audio editor a complete app. It also incorporates some of the features that are advanced such as timings for the tracks. It also comes with a catalog of sounds that are recorded already. The plug-in in this app is very vast. Logic Pro X comes with a variety of formats for audio.


  • Very efficient work on macOS
  • A good amount of plug-ins that work effortlessly
  • Singular notes are well versed
  • Tutorial provided.


  • Exclusive to Mac users
  • Cost is quite high
  • Interface and usage are difficult to get used to.

3. Audacity

By far one of the most popular software to exist on the list. This software is almost tried by every audio editing lover. It has pretty good features. One of the reasons that this software is so popular is that it is completely free.

It is considered one of the most efficient and most easy to access software, especially for beginners. It does not lack features at all and has almost every important feature in its catalog. It is composed of essential features like bass, noise cancellation, and many more.

It is quite good and efficient for software that is free of cost as the features are quite promising. There are also a bunch of other tools and features in the catalog such as shift tool and many more. The entire audio format is supported by the software making it complete software.


  • Free of cost
  • Available for different platforms
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Good for pros too as have all essential features
  • A big community for guidance


  • The user interface is not quite sorted
  • Crash on Mac operating system sometimes
  • Sometimes mics are not recognized by the system
  • UI is not the best
  • Faces random crashes on Mac sometimes.

4. Reaper

It is also an editing software for audio that is considered very efficient and good. It is popular because it is one of the software that is affordable and has a price tag of less than much software on the list. It can support the track in multiple quantities and has channel support of over 64 channels. It can also record in mono, stereo, and other forms. Recording can be done on disks in multiple quantities.

The software is known for effect applying in actual time and an efficient manner. It has some shifting and stretching of time in the mix. It supports mostly every format that is presently available.


  • Good features
  • Pitching and time-shifting is quite similar to Logic Pro X
  • Affordable than much other software on the list
  • Tutorial support available


  • The user interface is not as neat as many others on this list
  • It is not ideal for beginners

5. FL Studio

This software is one of the most used software available right now. It is said to be one of the biggest and most used software in electron and dubstep music. This application or software is worth trying for those who are avid audio editors.

It is recommended and used by many big music producers such as Martin Garrix, Tiesto, etc. It is considered one of the prime contenders on this list. It consists of multiple recordings of tracks. It can also shift pitch, stretch time and it comes along with a mixer that has its unique features.

It is preloaded with 80 plug-ins which makes it a pretty good choice for beginners too. It has a plug-in for basically every purpose such as manipulation, synthesis, compression, etc. There is the availability of many instruments that can be used on this software making it diverse and more plug-in can be downloaded from any third-party site.

It is mainly made for artists in the music industry so it has a narrow range of file formats that it supports.


  • A good amount of features
  • Best for production of music and not just editing audio
  • Support 3rd party plug-in


  • User Interface is not the best
  • Difficult to familiarize


These are the 5 best audio editing software that is currently available. All of the above software is great in their aspect some have a great interface whilst some have a great amount of plug-in. Overall each software on the list is ideal for use. The users need to familiarize himself/themselves with the interface and usage.