Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 110 Meters Hurdles

During the 2020 Summer Olympics, on August 3rd through the 5th, the men’s 110-meter hurdles competition was held in the Olympic Stadium.

About 40 athletes were expected to compete, with the exact number depending on how many countries used universality places to enter athletes.

Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 110 Meters Hurdles


Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 110 Meters Hurdles

In addition to the 40 who qualified through time or ranking (1 universality place was used in 2016).

There were a total of 40 athletes representing 29 different countries. With Hansle Parchment’s victory, Jamaica now has two gold medals in a row in this competition.

Ronald Levy, a fellow Israelite, won the bronze medal. After failing to medal for the first time in Olympic history in Rio 2016.

The United States was represented on the podium thanks to American Grant Holloway’s silver medal performance (excluding the boycotted 1980 Games).

An Overview of the Summer Olympics – 110 Meters Hurdles

Grant Holloway was widely considered to be the favourite going into the Olympics. At the US Trials, he ran a world-record-tying 12.81 seconds to win gold.

Throughout the entire year, he was the only competitor to run a mile in under 13 minutes.

In the preliminary rounds of the Jamaican Olympic Trials, the defending champion Omar McLeod was his closest rival on the annual list.

In spite of the tough competition, McLeod was not among those who made it through to the Olympic trials.

McLeod tried to persuade them to switch up their roster, but it was unclear who would have to be left on the sidelines.

Despite his best efforts, his appeal was denied. Holloway, as was to be expected, finished first in both the heats and the semi-finals.

Hansle Parchment, who won bronze in 2012, was also in the running.

Hansle Parchment of Jamaica Won the Gold  Medal

In a nail-biting final, the Jamaican defeated world champion Grant Holloway. Silver goes to Holloway and bronze to Jamaica’s Ronald Levy.

Hansle Parchment of Jamaica won the men’s 110-meter hurdles final in a stunning 13.05 seconds to take home an Olympic gold medal.

To pull off one of the biggest upsets of Tokyo 2020, Parchment raced past heavy favourite Grant Holloway, the United States’ world champion and the second-fastest man ever in the event.

Holloway, who got out to a quick start but was passed in the final two hurdles, finished second in 13.09 seconds.

Making him the second Jamaican on the podium after Ronald Levy, who came in third in 13.10.

The silver medal is Parchment’s second Olympic medal; he also placed third in London four years ago and second in the world championships in Beijing in 2015.

This one, however, will be displayed with great pride as the 195-centimeter Jamaican won a historic bout at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.


Hansle Parchment, a Jamaican hurdler, won a gold medal the next day after a Tokyo 2020 volunteer paid for his taxi ride to the Olympic Stadium.

In a video he shared online over the weekend, Parchment recounted the event, which culminated in his meeting the volunteer, whom he identified as Tiana.

He repaid the loan, showed her the medal, and presented her with a Jamaican Olympic shirt. Thanks for reading our article Athletics at the Summer Olympics – 110 Meters Hurdles.