Apple Decides its Victory Against Epic Wasn’t Enough — it Wants a Total Win

After a break, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple Inc., entered the courtroom in Oakland, California, in the United States, wearing a protective face shield.


Apple Plans to go After Epic Games in Court Once More.

Apple announced on Friday that it would seek a stay of the judge’s decision, which had been made in September to allow apps that route users to third-party websites.

Apple Decides its Victory Against Epic Wasn't Enough — it Wants a Total Win

App firms will be able to sidestep Apple’s requirement that they only accept payments within applications, where Apple takes a 30% cut, if this verdict is upheld. Apple is also fighting to have the judgement overturned.

As Apple and Epic Games argue in court over whether or not to change iOS, the operating system for iPhones, this dispute might last for years. Also appealing are the nine counts that Epic Games lost.

The Judge is Anticipated to Make a Decision on Apple’s Stay Request Next Month.

As a result of its decision in September, Apple’s tone has drastically altered. Apple framed the judge’s ruling as a decisive legal victory for its App Store business model, which has been under fire from competitors in the technology industry, international authorities, and members of the US Congress.

“We are very delighted with the Court’s decision and we consider this a big success for Apple,” Apple attorney Kate Adams said in response to the decision.

There was a frenzy of comments following Apple’s announcement on Friday night. They said that the action would protect Apple’s App Store profits by barring apps from using alternative payment methods.

One startup said last week that it was already working on a less expensive web-based alternative to Apple’s app payments, a move made possible by the decision Apple is appealing. In 2020, Apple’s App Store produced $64 billion in gross sales, but it keeps its profit margins a secret.

Apple was obligated to file its appeal now rather than wait any longer due to an impending legal deadline. Apple won’t have the opportunity to appeal any longer if it doesn’t do so now.

Apple has the option to drop the appeal, though. Additionally, Apple avoided making snap judgments regarding its business until the issue had been thoroughly resolved. By the end of December, Apple must comply with the court’s judgement and permit online links from apps.

In other words, if Apple succeeds in its appeal of a judge’s ruling next month, Epic Games and Apple will have to resolve their differences. This may take some time, but it will allow Apple more time to fend off further changes to the organisation of the App Store.

Apple’s App Store is currently threatened by several other external legal issues, though. A bipartisan bill in the Senate, for instance, would compel Apple to accept different in-app purchases.

Additionally, Apple has already been compelled to adhere to a Japanese regulatory ruling that mandates that it let some apps to link to external websites. Like most people think, Apple generates the most revenue from games in its App Store.

Last Words

Apple first hailed the Epic Games decision as a victory, but the company’s subsequent appeal demonstrates that it is steadfastly devoted to maintaining its lucrative App Store business. Thanks for reading our article Apple Decides its Victory Against Epic Wasn’t Enough — it Wants a Total Win.