‘Apex Legends Season 10’ Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

Season 10 of Apex Legends, known as Emergence, is just around the corner, and it’s packed with new legends and weapons, as well as improvements to the terrain. The character Seer has been added to the Apex Legends cast.

The Emergence Battle Pass is now available, and Arenas and Ranked tiers will be changing in the near future. Everything you need to know about the Apex Legends Season 10 release date and what to expect during Emergence can be found on this page.

Apex Legends Season 10


What’s New in Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence?

We were curious about what the new legend, Valkyrie, could bring to the game after her release last season. With the help of a team of micro-drones, Seer, the so-called “ambush artist,” joins the ranks of the lineup.

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Season 10 of Apex Legends brings significant updates to both the battle royale map and Arenas, the 3 v 3 variant that made its debut last season. And of course, you may expect some long-awaited modifications to select characters, such as Caustic and Fuse.

What to Expect with Apex Season 10 Emergence? 

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s in store for Apex Legends Season 10 Emergence so far:

The following is a brand-new legend: Observer (Recon character)

Rampage is a new weapon (LMG)

Ranked Arenas have been introduced as a new ranking system.

Climatizer, Fissure Extension, Gondolas, Lava Siphon, Landslide are all new places and circumstances in World’s Edge.

In World’s Edge, new skyboxes and climatic change have been implemented.

Several new rotations have been added: These factors have an impact on the rotation of Overlook and the axis connecting it to Geyser.

Fuse, Horizon, Revenant, and Caustic have had their character stats rebalanced.

The Prowler returns to the floor loot and is replaced by the M600 Spitfire – the Alternator SMG also joins the supply drop rotation. ‘

Hemlok Burst AR and the Wingman have a new member: Loader with a Boost (reloading near empty increases reload speed and overloads the next magazine with extra rounds)

Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE 45, Flatline, and Charge Rifle have been added to the rotation, while Wingman, Bocek, R99, Hemlock, and Sentinel have been taken out of the rotation.

Magazine and Stock attachments have been updated with new balancing adjustments.

The L-Star, Light Machine Guns, Pistols, the Prowler Burst PDW, the M600 Spitfire, the Alternator, the 30-30 Repeater, and the EVA-8 all received new weapon balancing modifications.

Here’s Exactly When Apex Legends Season 10 Begins

Season 10 of Apex Legends, dubbed “emergence,” will begin on August 3rd. We’ve got all the details on the impending Battle Pass right here for you.

There is a lot of speculation about when and what the next major upgrade will include. There is no need to look any further.

Apex Legends Season 10 Legend Meta Balancing Changes

New Legend Meta-Balancing Rules for Apex Legends’ Season 10


Fuse’s team now knows the identity of the enemies caught in the ring of fire from Fuse’s Motherlode ultimate.

Tactical explosive duration for Knuckle Clusters has been increased by 100%. Tossing ordnance normally is possible while Grenadier Passive is enabled.


After the initial Black Hole pull, the slow was reduced. The lift-up speed of Horizon has been tweaked to a comfortable medium between the 9.1 launch settings and the Legacy update values.


Other players can now see and hear an audible and visual indicator when Death Totem protection is about to expire. Following his return to Death Totem, I added a brief pause in the action.


Indefinitely, gas damage grows by one every other tick. Tactical’s cooldown has been slashed from 25 seconds to 20 seconds. Reduced from 3.5m to 3m cooldown time. From 20 seconds to 15 seconds.

What’s in the Apex Legends Season 10 Patch Notes?

Each of the key new improvements to the game as part of the Emergence event are described in a convenient little line in the press materials for Apex Legends Season 10. As stated by Respawn, you can expect the following:

New Legend Seer

“He is an outcast who offers a unique perspective on opponents. Using sensors and drones, Seer is able to hunt with incredible precision.”

New Weapon Rampage LMG

‘Ring the party’ with Rampart’s newest invention, the Rampage LMG, which packs a tremendous punch; and with a charge from Thermite Grenades, it can be revved up for a higher fire rate.’

World’s Edge Map Update

Emergence will see a complete rebirth and makeover of the World’s Edge map, including adjustments to some of the most popular POIs on the map. Find out more about the new map on Respawn’s blog.

Ranked Arenas

With the introduction of Ranked Arenas, Apex Legends will allow players to prove themselves as Apex Predators in either Arenas or Battle Royale mode for the first time ever, or show that they’re the ultimate Champion by conquering both. To learn more about Ranked Arenas, have a look at this post from Respawn’s site.

New Arenas to Conquer

With the addition of Hillside, Dome, and Oasis, three new POIs will be added to the Arenas map rotation for the upcoming season.

What do we Know About the Seer, the New Legend for Apex Legends Season 10?

Iké Amad, a Nigerian voice actor, portrays the new Legend, Seer, in Season 10. In the lore trailer below, you can see the character’s development from infancy to adulthood:

According to EA’s latest EA Play Live event, Seer is “all about tracking foes,” although in a more subtle manner than the game’s preexisting scout character (who is called Bloodhound). You’ll be able to get “precise and lingering knowledge” about your opponents’ positions if you play as Seer.

Apex Legends Season 10 Ranked Arenas 

A ranked version of Arenas will be introduced in Season 10 of Apex Legends, according to game director Chad Grenier at EA Play Live 2021. Arenas’ gameplay should remain essentially same, but the number of rounds required to win should go up.

Unranked Arenas are plagued with players quitting during games. As a result, penalties were put in place to prevent this from becoming a problem. Instead, players leave the game running while they engage in other activities.

The most common reason for doing this is to gain access to daily challenges, which are almost never linked to ranked modes. For those who don’t care about playing the game, ranked arenas should be able to help.

Is There a Gameplay Trailer for Apex Legends Season 10?

A peek at Respawn’s official gameplay trailer, which we’ve embedded below, is an excellent way to get a sense of what to expect from Apex Legends Season 10. The Emergence event begins on August 3rd, so take a look around and get ready for it.

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Apex Legends Season 10 is just around the corner, and some early patch notes show what to anticipate from this new battle royale series from Respawn’s game.

Season 10 of Apex Legends, codenamed Emergence, promises to be a thrilling experience for players. Seer, a new Legend, and a new weapon called the Rampage LMG will be introduced this season.