9 Anime Food Every Anime Fan Needs to Try

Anime is a genre of movie and television shows in Japan that is made especially for children but everyone can watch it. Anime series of films show a variety of anime foods. Anime food fans try to make the food shown in anime to be real.

Anime food here refers to the food produced by cartoons in animations, many of which are cooked in real and are very tasty to eat, while many prove to be inferior to eat.

Anime Food

Here to tell the difference between these and the right foodie, which will help you to become a true and real anime foodie. Anime food is cooking art by an animator.


9 Best Anime Foods Every Anime Fan Needs to Try

If you are an anime foodie and want to try making new dishes then below, we are talking about 9 best anime food that you should try.

1. Taiyaki

Taiyaki is a pan base cake made in the anime series which is fish-shaped. This is Japan’s street vendor snack/cake. It is sweet and tastes like chocolate. In many series of animations, a little girl eats this taiyaki.

There is no clear information about the origin of the shape of this fish. The purpose of giving this food a fish shape is to attract people to eat something different. This cake/snack is filled with azuki sweet red bean paste. This is a very preferred cake in anime food.

2. Onigiri

It is a Japanese food that is made from rice. This is a sandwich made of white rice. This food is also called a rice ball. The rice is made and wrapped with dried seaweed in a ball, triangular or cylinder-shaped. This is a very quick snack.

This snack is featured in almost all anime series but the Pokemon Anime series has come up for discussion. It has the option of making fish, meat, jelly, pickled plums, and other things.

3. Ramen

This is the most popular Japanese Anime food. It is a Japanese noodle soup. Noodles are made of wheat and are white. This is the anime food featured in the Naruto series. Outside of Japan, people have become fans of Ramen Food. It is a symbol of happiness.

It is Chinese wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth, meat, or vegetables. It is served hot. Soy sauce or miso is used for flavor. For toppings use sliced pork, nori, menma, and scallions. It is eaten in various ways in almost every region of Japan. Served like noodles with sour and sweet sauce.

4. Pocky

This is a snack food from Japan and was produced by Ezaki Glico in 1966. The original design of pocky was released in Malaysia under the brand name Rocky in 2014.

This is a biscuit stick made of chocolate coating. It is made by mixing with many mixes such as honey, milk, mousse, banana, cookies and cream, green tea, and coconut flavor coating.

This biscuit stick has many varieties available which are coated with various flavors like almond, chocolate, and strawberry. It has the perfect balance of high-quality creamy chocolate. It is a symbol of sharing happiness which is enough crunchy.

5. Ramune

It is a Japanese carbonated soft drink. Its original flavor is lemon-lime but it is also available in other flavors like melon, lichi, pineapple peach, strawberry, and yuzu. You must have a 007 anime food skill to drink this soft drink. This drink is popular in Iraq and Gulf Arab countries.

Its bottle designs are known as cold neck which is made from a find and sealed with marbles. It has the original flavor of lemon-lime but it comes in other flavors like lychee, peach, strawberry, grape, yuzu, blueberry, pineapple, and orange. This carbonated soft drink was introduced by Scottish in 1884in Kobe.

6. Miso Soup

This soup is a traditional Japanese soup. This miso soup contains dashi stock in which a soft marrow test is mixed. There are many other alternative options like adding season-wise vegetables, tofu, abura-age etc. Miso paste is also added for flavour. You can add anything to it per your choice in these options.

In Japanese food culture, this soup is served with rice. Miso soup is also known by another name Omiotsuk. It is often served hot with rice. This soup is very easy to make. The Japanese take it to the daily routine for their diet. This soup is delicious in taste as well as a benefit for health.

7. Takoyaki

It is a Japanese snack made of wheat flour batter. Takoyaki is also called octopus ball. It is typically filled with octopus, pickle, ginger, green onion, and tempura. A boiled octopus is filled in it.

Takoyaki snacks are made in a ball shape. It is crispy from the outside and very soft from the inside.

Takoyaki sauce is brushed on this snack and served in a small boat made of wood. It gives a taste of traditional seafood. This is one of Japan’s popular street foods. This is part of anime food with a great flavour.

8. Parfait

Parfait is a cold dessert that is the last dessert in Japanese dishes. It is also effective in treating eyes. Parfait is described into two types of dessert. In France, Parfait is made from boiling cream, sugar, egg and syrup as a puree.

In the US, nuts, granola, yogurt, and liqueurs ingredients are used to make it. Fruit toppings are also put on it. It is served at a frozen temperature. The material required to make it is as follows: Heavy cream milk, sugar, salt, vanilla, egg yolks, chocolate and any fruit.

9. HamBurger

It is a sandwich that looks almost like a common burger in this, the meat Tikki is placed in the middle of a bread roll or bun. This Tikki is made by pressing the meat into pieces or grinding it into a sticky shape. In the anime, eat this snack very passionately.

It is served by decorating it with cheese, onion, pickles, bacon or chiles, lettuce, tomato, bacon, ketchup, and mayonnaise. It is one of the most unusual foods that is eaten in real life and is very popular. This is Germany and the US has a famous snack.


Here we have provided the list of all the anime food which is edible and also very liked. As we know breakfast is an important part of the meal of the day, which is important for morning energy. All these foods are famous in their respective countries.

But when these foods are used in anime, they are expanding in outside countries. You can try all these anime foods.