What Is AM2R Anyway?

It is a popular video game, it is not an official part of the Metroid series. Metroid is a Japanese video game that was developed by Nintendo. It has so much following, on NES and game boy. Some consoles of Japan also had this game for their users. There are different popular remakes of this game which are the return of Samus, Super Metroid zero mission and federation forces.

As this was a popular game, the developer started to make their versions of these games, that works as one. AM2R is one such remake that is one fine adaption of this popular game. As you can play Nintendo original version only on the Nintendo console and not on a computer. But AM2R is the PC version of a popular NES game, titled Metroid.

For enjoying this game you don’t need to purchase a Nintendo console, you can freely enjoy this game on your pc. You just need to download AM2R, which is a clone version of the original game, and enjoy playing it on your pc, android or mac.


What Do You Do In The Nintendo Video Game?

In this game, you explore the planet sr-388, and your mission is to destroy all the parasitic Metroid species. The main character explores underground tunnels of the planet. In this game, you have to collect resources so that you can continue your fight against the enemy parasites. You explore different locations as a player.


And with time the unlocked area keeps expanding. As the levels get unlocked as a player your skills improves. The game is very fascinating which includes different activities like gaining resources, killing enemies, hunting, gaining skills and exploring various new regions.

Main Features of AM2R

Like this game, AM2R is based on the NES, we can play it on the computer. With this, there are many additional features. There are many new elements in this game. As compared to the original game it has a background track, better graphics and many more features.

A list of all main features is mentioned below:

  • The game has a map system that simplifies the entire exploration for the players.
  • It has zero mission style.
  • New enemies, minibosses of Metroids, which adds extra fun to the game.
  • The addition of new regions, which encourages motivation for further explorations.
  • New enemies information is provided at log system, and challenging fights throughout the game.
  • It has a stackable beam system.
  • New abilities like ledge grab are added.
  • Amazing background music and sound quality which will help the player to immerse in the game.

This game performs very well on a computer, and with high-quality graphics gaming experience become better. All these elements give a rich experience to Metroid fans.

Download AM2R For Windows/ Mac/ Android

This game is very popular among people but because of Nintendo’s official DMCA warning, it got banned. Which made it difficult to download. And you will not get any new versions and any new updates regarding the game.

But don’t worry there is good news also. And it is that you can still play this game. The only thing you need to do is download an older version on your computer from torrent and install it.

And what’s better is that you can play it on your android and mac devices. Below we have provided a list of links from where you can download the game in your operating system.

Warning: It is illegal to download torrents in some countries and regions of the country. So, make sure to use a VPN for avoiding giving away your address and IP address to the authorities. VPN will help you in hiding your identity on the internet.

Download AM2R On PC- Official Links Included

Step 1: First of all, for downloading this game, you will have to download torrent on your computer.

Step 2: A link is provided below. It’s the only official link is available to download the latest version of this game.


or, if by any chance you are not able to download it from the official link then you can use an unofficial link.


if you want to download the torrent files on your computer then firstly you need to install the torrent client on your computer.

Step 3: After installation of the torrent app you need to follow a few simple steps, firstly go to Add torrent. Then add from URL or something depending upon what torrent client you are using.

Download AM2R for Linux, MAC and Android

Download for LINUX VERSION

For Linux two versions are available, you can download them from provided links:

For 1.0 version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v5aoyt9d6ga4hee/AM2R_linux_unofficial.tar.gz/file

For 1.1 version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v5aoyt9d6ga4hee/AM2R_linux_unofficial.tar.gz/file

Download for MAC VERSION

You can download the mac version of this game using the link provided:


Both 1.0 and 1.1 versions can be downloaded from the above link.


For downloading this game on an android device, you need to visit the link provided below and grab the apk file given there.


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Hope you will be able to download this amazing game on your device and enjoy it and that your all doubt regarding this game is solved after reading this article.