11 Best ‘Alluc’ Alternatives to Get Free Movies & TV

Streaming! It is one of the most arising activities on the internet and has become very popular among people recently. In such a stressful and fast-moving world, everybody needs entertainment to light up their mood.

As the buzz of online streaming has increased in recent times, many people are engaging in streaming through various platforms to seek their favorite content. Some of them might be free, and some of them might be subscriptions.

It depends upon the person what kind of platform they want to indulge in for streaming. One such platform is Alluc Movie. Alluc movie is an online streaming website that provides viewers with a large amount of content without charging any money.

It had been quite popular among the people in providing their favorite content without any hindrance. Also, it provided material through different links generated from other sites, and that too in HD quality.

But due to some legal reasons, it has been forced to be taken down from the internet even though it wasn’t illegal at all due to the involvement of third-party influence. But we hope it comes back soon, till then; we have prepared a list of websites that could act as an alternative to Alluc Movie so stay tunes to it.

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11 Best Alternatives to Alluc for Free Movies & TV

Here down below, there is a list of online websites that provides you with your favorite content online; some might be free; some might not be.

1. MovieWatcher

MovieWatcher is an online streaming site that is quite popular among viewers and is quite similar to the Alluc movie. It provides a large variety of content without any subscription.


  • The site keeps you updated with new movies and TV shows so that you don’t miss out on anything.
  • The website endures content from different genres like romance, horror, drama, etc., to keep its viewers amazed.


  • Too many ads pop up while watching the content is irritating sometimes.

2. Snagfilms

Snagfilms is a famous online streaming website majorly containing a large array of documentaries in its media base. It is an American based website that offered advertising-supported documentary and independent films.

Recently, it was announced that Snagfilms would be shut down due to some conflict in the company.


  • It provides vital documentaries covering from wildlife to autobiographies to educate people.
  • It offers a platform for independent filmmakers to upload their content on their site for free so that everyone across the world could see their production.
  • Provides free content to viewers.


  • It has very limited content as they mainly cover documentaries and too many movies and tv shows
  • Recently, I got shut down due to conflicts in the company.

3. Yidio

Yidio is the premier customized video progressor that allows you to locate where to watch TV shows and Movie streaming online and discover new content to watch. It usually saves money and time through the use of one app to manipulate your TV and film life.

Unlike other online streaming websites, it does not possess your online streaming but guides you where you can watch your favorite shows and movies online.


  • It provides you with necessary information about your favorite movie and Tv shows and gives you platforms from where you can binge.
  • Has tie-ups with various streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Tubi Tv, etc.


  • IT does not provide you with any online streaming but only gives you information about where your content is available to watch.
  • They charge subscription without even streaming the content, which might be costly to many people.

4. ClassicCinema

Classic Cinema is a popular online streaming website that provides you with your favorite movies and TV shows without any charges or subscription for content. As the name suggests itself, this website is specialized to provide classic cinema from old times to the new generation.

This site is a perfect fit for people of all age groups. Apart from cinema, it contains a wide range of genres from Romantic, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Drama, etc., providing you with a wide range of content to binge.


  • It provides you with the latest movies and TV shows from where you binge content.
  • No subscription or fee charged for streaming.
  • Provide viewers with classic old cinema to refresh their old memories.


  • Too many ads pop up while streaming, which is sometimes irritating.
  • HD for some content may not be available.

5. Movies123

Movies123 is considered an amazing online streaming website as it contains a large collection of movies, tv shows, and cartoon shows in their library to entertain viewers with their content. It is considered to be a perfect alternative for Alluc Movie as it is quite similar to it.

This website provides you with all the content in HD without any charge, although there is an option of upgrading into a premium in which you can access the content into Ultra HD without any and in between.


  • Provides a large amount of content from where you can binge your favorite movies and TV shows without ant charge
  • It provides content in HD quality and with subtitles in 3-4 languages to make your streaming easy.


  • Ads pop up while streaming the content. You can remove them by upgrading them into a premium account.

6. Xmovies08

We are aware that this website may post adult content in their media, but that is not true; XMovies8 is a spectacular site where you can watch your favorite content with any hackle, and it is easily accessible on the internet.

It provides content and peculates description about movies or TV shows, and in addition to this, no ads pop up while viewing content, which makes it better than other sites listed.


  • It not only provides content but also peculates description about a movie or TV shows.
  • A wide area of content from different genres is available.
  • No ads pop between viewing, which allows you to watch content

without any hindrance.


  • It does not support HD quality in content, which might problem some viewers.
  • Proper subtitles not available.

7. Screenshot Easy

Screenshot Easy is an online streaming website and is considered to be an alternative for Alluc Movie. It generally uses third party interferences like it generally contains, a string of streams that provide links and online access to various movies and TV shows through different websites.

It is very safe, just like Alluc, and is the very lubricant to easy, and content provided is good.


  • It provides HD content by providing a various link which allows you to watch content without any hindrance.
  • It provides a description as well as details about the movie or show before watching.


  • Links provided by websites might not be safe and secure and cause harm to your device.
  • Too many ads pop-ups while streaming the content.

8. Los Movies

Los Movies has been a popular platform for streaming for a long time due to the kind of quality content they provide to viewers. The sites contain a diversified library containing all-time TV shows and all-time movies, which is amazing for classic viewers.

Also, it provides movies in 720p qualities, so make sure you have a good internet connection around.


  • The website endures content from different genres like romance, horror, drama, etc., to keep its viewers amazed.
  • Provides you the content with 720p quality.
  • Easy to access the content without any hackle or problem faced.


  • The website’s appearance is quite old and anguish, so it might not be easy to deal with.
  • Also, this web site faces some bug issues while viewing the content.

9. Vumoo

Vumoo is another online streaming that provides you with your favorite movies and TV shows without any cost. Before watching the content, you have to register on their website in order to stream movies and shows.

It is not a popular website like others but still is quite reliable and could be a good alternative to Alluc Movie. Also, it provides you with a downloading feature along with a watch online feature so that you can see your content later.


  • The site provides a description as well as details about the movie or shows before watching.
  • Gives access to various entertainment modes such as songs, videos, etc.
  • It provides you with the option of downloading facilities.


  • HD quality may not be available.
  • Content provided may not be upgraded to the current trend.

10. Movie4k

Movies4k fulfills you with amazing movies and shows and will allow you to watch their content without any hindrance. It is known for a site that allows you to watch full-length in good video quality.

It also provides viewers with downloading facilities that could be convenient for viewers as they can download their content and watch it later.


  • It provides you with the latest movies and TV shows and also keeps you up with the trend.
  • Provides downloading facilities.
  • Also, it offers content in HD with subtitles.


  • Too many ads pop up while binging the content.

11. PrimeWire

PrimeWire is the site where you can watch various types of movies and TV series. The site is a free video streaming application that gives movie indexes from video hosting sites and allows you to watch them online.

There is a search tab on the homepage where you can search for archives. You can browse the list of videos by filtering them based on featured movies, just added movies or shows, popular movies or shows, external rating, PrimeWire rating, favorites, views, release date, and alphabet. On this platform, you’ll also create an account to urge access.

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There are many online streaming websites available on the internet, and most of them could act as an alternative to Alluc, but it depends upon an individual what kind of site they prefer, but one thing you should look for is that it should be safe and secure enough to binge content.

I hope this article could help you with finding your best website to watch your favorite content.