A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

American right-handed foil fencer A. Massialas was born on April 20, 1994. A. Massialas has won 11 team Pan American titles, 2 individual Pan American titles, and the 2019 World Championships as part of a winning team.

A. Massialas has competed in the Olympics three times; he has won a silver medal as an individual in 2016 and bronze medals on two different teams.

A. Massialas participated in the Olympics in 2012 in London, in 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, and in 2021 in Tokyo.

Alexander Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

A. Massialas was born to a Greek father and a Taiwanese mother in San Francisco, California.

His father, Greg Massialas, is the coach of the United States national foil team and competed for the country in the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics.

Sabrina, his sister, is a world-class foil fencer, too. Even so, A. Massialas was never coerced into taking up fencing.

His early, unprompted enthusiasm prompted his father to delay his training until he was seven years old.

A. Massialas was a very sporty kid, and he was able to make the basketball and swimming teams at Drew School in addition to the soccer team.

With financial support from a fencing scholarship, he started classes at Stanford in the 2012-2013 school year.

At the end of his first year of college, he won the 2013 NCAA individual men’s foil championship.

After losing in the semi-finals to David Willette in 2014, he accomplished the same thing again in 2015.

A. Massialas Love Sports Since Young Age

A. Massialas love of sports began early on, when he participated in soccer and swimming in elementary school and began fencing in middle school.

It was listening to his father, a three-time Olympian, tell tales about the two-week event and explain the Olympic ideals that first piqued his interest in the Olympics.

When he was a kid, he always made a point of showing off his dad’s collection of trophies and awards, which included Olympic rings, Ivy League rings, and more.

Before he ever mentioned fencing to his father, he said he wanted to compete in the Olympics. Alex has been in the top 16 in the world since 2012, and he has been a star from the start.

A. Massialas, at age 18, was not only the youngest member of the United States men’s foil team at the 2012 Olympics, but the youngest male athlete on the United States team overall.

Four years later in 2016, A. Massialas made history by becoming the first American male to win two medals at the same Olympics since 1904.

He won silver for his individual performance and bronze for his team. Alex earned his Mechanical Engineering degree while competing at Stanford University.


Born to a Chinese mother and raised in the United States, A. Massialas has a deep appreciation for and understanding of Asian culture.

He attended Chinese American International School. His favourite places to compete are Shanghai, Tokyo, and Seoul, and he enjoys travelling back to Taiwan to see his family. Thanks for reading our article A. Massialas Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.